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India Post Annual Report 2022-23 MCQ | Quiz Question Answers and One Liners on India Post Annual Report 2022-23 | MCQ Set (108)

India Post Annual Report 2022-23 MCQ, Quiz Questions and Answers in PDF. 50 Important Mcq on indiapost annual report 2022-2023 with answers pdf. Latest (New) Updated Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) on india post annual report. Onliners on India Post Annual Report 2022-2023. SOP, Short Notes, PPT, PDF, Quiz,Online Test, Mock Test, Previous Questions and Answers, Solved Papers, Online Test. Best Questions on Postal Circulars. Useful for Postal Exams/LDCE IPO Exam/PS Group B Exam/LGO Exams/GDS to Postman/MTS/Mail Gaurd/PA/SA Exams in postal department.

Q1. The vision of india post is :
India post's products and services will be the customer's first choice
Q2. The fist ever-adhesive postage stamp in asia issued is famously known as :
Scinde Dawk
Q3. The world's first airmail flight took place from :
Allahabad to Naini
Q4. The world's first airmail flight took place on :
Q5. Who has the powers to modify rates and tariff of the basic postal services ?
Ministry of Communications
Q6. CSC refers to :
Common service center
Q7. Base circle is headed by :
Additional Director General, APS
Q8. Department of posts got its new logo in :
Q9. Indian postal network is governed by:
India post office Act 1898
Q10. What is the first postage stamp valid across the country that provided an affordable and uniform rate of postage based on weight was issued in india on :
Q11. Number of post offices in india as on 31-03-2022 is :
Q12. Ratio of urban post offices to Rural Post offices as on 31-03-2022 is around :
Q13. Average area served by a post office in India as of 31-03 2022 is :
20.64 sq km
Q14. On an average number of people served by a post office in the india as of 31-03-2022 is :
Q15. RMS was introduced in India in the year :
Q16. An amendment in rules 196 and 197 of the India post office Rules 1933 has been made vide india post office Rules 2022 issued vide GSR 912 dated 29-12-2022 with regard :
Abolition of 'Late fees charges'
Q17. India post office Act was enacted first in the year :
Q18. Where was the first post office setup in india ?
Q19. When was the first Post Office setup in india ?
Q20. A biometric enabled digital service for pensioners for submitting their Life Certificate digitally is called ?
Jeevan pramaan
Q21. Which of the following has helped the Depatment of posts in providing improved visibility of the delivery status of the articles to the customers :
Postman Mobile App
Q22. The members of public can know the status of clearance of Letter box as well as number of letters cleared from a particular letter box by using
Q23. RFID refers to :
Radio Frequency Identification
Q24. First Aadhaar Enrollment cum Updation center was opened on 30-06-2017 in :
Q25. UIDAI refers to :
Unique Identification Authority of India
Q26. Mail Motor Service came into existence in the year:
Q27. Electronic money order service was introduced in the year:
Q28. The pensioners can place a request for availing the facility of Digital LIfe Certificate generation at their doorstep on which app ?
Post Info app
Q29. when was Jeevan pramaan introduced ?
Q30. Jeevan pramaan centres are functioning in all the
Head post offices only
Q31. APMCs are Located in :
Delhi and Kolkotta
Q32. When norms laid down do not justify the opening of a new post office , the demand for postal service in such area is effectively met through the :
Franchise Schem and PSSY scheme
Q33. PSSY refers to :
Panchayat Sanchar Sewa Yojana
Q34. Ramps and rails for differently abled persons and senior citizens are being constructed by the DOP under :
Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan
Q35. Department of posts has introduced "Click n Book " to enable online booking of ? (i) Speed POst (ii) Registered articles (iii) parcels
(i) (ii) and (iii)
Q36. Speed POst article can insured for up to ?
Rs 1,00,000
Q37. Which of the following has enabled sharing of the real time delivery information with latitude and longitude of delivery locations with the customers ?
Postman Mobile App
Q38. Post Office Savings Bank facility is available to the reotest corner of india since :
Q39. What is the maximum weight up to which Articles/Parcels can be booked under 'Click n Book" Service in DOP ?
5 Kg
Q40. Parcel Directorate has been set up in 2018 with a view to increase parcel handling from existing 3.8 Lakhs item per day in 2021 to 5.3 Lakhs by :
Q41. Collect of telephone/electricity bills comes under:
Retail post
Q42. Which of the following is a major customer of DOP for print to post service ?
Q43. Department of post introduced "Business post" service for Pre-mailing requirements to Govt Organizations/Corporate houses in
Q44. How many L1 and L2 Parcel Hubs have been Operationalized for expedited and safe processing of parcels by Department of posts as of 31-03-2022 ?
71 L1 and 119 L2 Parcel Hubs
Q45. How many Nodal Delivery centers have been operationalized as on 31-12-2022 ?
Q46. Which of the following have been set up to strengthen the delivery network for parcels through mechanized delivery using two wheelers and four wheelers ?
Nodal Delivery centres
Q47. Which of the following have been set up to provide daily connectivity to all states for safe and secure transportation of parcels ?
Road Transport Network
Q48. Which of the following have been operationalized along highways/outsaide the city limits faster movement of vehicles and smooth exchange of parcel bags ?
Transshipment Centres
Q49. Transmission and delivery of speed post articles can be tracked online by using speed post article number with :
13 digits
Q50. Maximum weight up to which a speed post can be sent is :
35 kg

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