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PO RMS Accountant Exam 2023 Notification | Download PO/RMS Exam 2023 scheduled to be held on 04.06.2023 (Sunday)

Sub: Regarding holding of PO/RMS Accountants Examination, 2023 scheduled to be held on 04.06.2023 (Sunday).

Download PO RMS Accountant Exam 2023 Notification in PDF

Kindly refer to this office letter no. Rectt/2-19/2023/Exam Calendar dated 28.09.2022 vide which calendar of Examination scheduled to be held in the year 2023 was forwarded for information and further necessary action. Directorate’s letter No. X-8/2/2022-SPN-II dated 18.04.2023 regarding Pattern and Syllabus for PO & RMS Accountant Examination circulated by this office endorsement no. oe Rectt/2-5/RIg dated 26.04.2023(copy enclosed) may also be referred.

As per the calendar of the Departmental Examination for the year 2023, the PO/RMS Accountant Examination, 2023 is scheduled to be held on 04.06.2023(Sunday). The scheduled programme is as under:

1. Date of PO RMS Examination  2023:  04.06.2023 (Sunday)

2. Last date of submission of PO RMS Application by the candidates: 19.05.2023

3. Intimation about no. of candidates to CO: 22.05.2023 

It is, therefore, requested to please take further necessary action of calling for applications from eligible candidates, if any vacancy of Accountant lies in your division. A list of the candidates permitted to appear in aforesaid examination alongwith vacancy position may please be sent to this office on or before 22.05.2023. If no application Is received or thore Is no vacancy than a nil report may Kindly be sent to this office.

The contents of this lelter may please be brought to the not of all concerned.

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