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Postal Exams Monthly MCQs for the Month May 2023 Part-2 Set (121)

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive set of Postal Monthly Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for the Month of May 2023 Part-2, specifically designed to cover topics related to the Post Office AML,CFT & KYC Guidelines. Our materials include Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), concise Short Notes, professionally crafted PowerPoint presentations (PPTs), and downloadable PDF documents. Additionally, we provide interactive Quizzes, Online Tests, and Mock Tests to facilitate thorough preparation for postal examinations, including but not limited to LDCE IPO Exam, PS Group B Exam, LGO Exams, and GDS to Postman/MTS/Mail Guard/PA/SA Exams within the postal department.

1. The Government of India launched “HarGharTiranga” Campaign to encourage the citizens to hoist the National Flag of India at their homes during the period from ________

A 01st August - 14th August, 2022

B 12th - 15th August, 2023

C 08th - 15th August, 2021

D 13th – 15th August, 2022




2. Rs 2000 Denomination Banknotes withdrawal from Circulation was issued throough the SB Order No ______

A 08/2022

B 09/2022

C 11/2023

D 10/2023




3. Revised Tariff/postage rates for international mails (EMS/Air Parcel & ITPS) was issued through IPO Amendment Rules 2023 _______

A Second Amendment

B First Amendment

C Thirtd Amendment

D Fourth Amendment




4. Master Circular No. 1 on AML/CFT norms applicable for Small Savings Schemes has been circulated in SB Order No._________

A 12/2010

B 13/2011

C 14/2012

D 15/2013




5. Master Circular No. 2 on AML/CFT norms applicable for Small Savings Schemes has been circulated in SB Order No_____

A 09/2020

B 10/2021

C 11/2022

D 12/2023




6. Full form of CAP _________

A Customer Acquisition Program

B Customer Acceptance Policy

C Credit Approval Process

D Customer Assistance Program



7. CDD full form

A Customer Development and Delivery

B Customer Digital Data

C Customer Due Diligence

D Currency and Derivatives Dealer




8. How many passport size photographs are tobe collected in BO (Branch Post Office) as part of CDD/KYC norms to be followed in case of opening of new accounts/purchase of certificates?

A One

B Two

C Three

D Not required




9. Account holder shall furnish the Aadhaar number to the Accounts Office within a period of ________ months from the date of opening of account for linking the account with Aadhaar Number

A Six

B Three

C Two

D Twelve



10. If the depositor who has not submitted the Permanent Account Number at the time of opening an account shall submit the same to the Post Office where the account exists, within a period of ________ months from the date of happening of any of the following events, whichever is the earliest, namely:- (i) the balance at any point of time in the account exceeds fifty thousand rupees; or (ii) the aggregate of all credits in the account in any financial year exceeds one lakh rupees; or (iii) the aggregate of all withdrawals and transfers in a month from the account exceeds ten thousand rupees.

A Twelve

B Six

C Two

D Three




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