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    Postal MCQ | Quiz Questions Answers on Post Office June 2022 CIrculars | Post Office MCQ Set 85

    India Postal MCQs for IPO Exam 2023, Multiple choice questions and answers (MCQs) on June 2022 PS Group B Exam Circulars. India Post Website Circulars MCQ. SOP, Short Notes, PPT, PDF, Quiz,Online Test, Mock Test, Previous Questions and Answers, Solved Papers, Online Test. Useful for Postal Exams/LDCE IPO Exam/PS Group B Exam/LGO Exams/GDS to Postman/MTS/Mail Gaurd/PA/SA Exams in postal department.

    1. Which one of the following Module is not configured in DOP HDMS?

    A MIS Dashboard

    B Nanyatha

    C GDS Rule 3 Transfer

    D Postinfo




    2. What is the administrative expenses payable to DOP for handling each PMJJBY Policy?

    A ₹ 7

    B ₹ 9

    C ₹ 11

    D ₹ 13




    3. One customer enrolled for PMJJBY in the month of August 2022, then what is the premium payable?

    A ₹ 330

    B ₹ 436

    C ₹ 342

    D ₹ 228




    4. Revised Rules for PMJJBY came into effect from?

    A 01st April 2022

    B 01st September 2022

    C 01st August 2022

    D 01st June 2022




    5. What is the rate of M bag of weight not exceeding 5 KG ?

    A ₹ 300

    B ₹ 600

    C ₹ 700

    D ₹ 900




    6. What is the maximum weight of M Bag of printed matter when the postage is prepaid?

    A 10 KG

    B 20 KG

    C 30 KG

    D 35 KG



    7. What is the rate of Single Postcard sent through surface for Bhutan?

    A ₹ 3

    B ₹ 8

    C ₹ 5

    D ₹ 10




    8. . What is the letter postage upto 20 grams for all countries except USA to be sent by surface where the postage is prepaid?

    A ₹ 70

    B ₹ 50

    C ₹ 20

    D ₹ 25




    9. Indian Post Office Rules 1933 last amended in the year?

    A 2016

    B 2018

    C 2022

    D 2020



    10. What is the IPPB Savings Bank Interest rate from 01st June 2022 up to 01 lakh amount?

    A 2.0%

    B 2.5%

    C 3.25%

    D 3.75%



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