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Postal Monthly MCQs for the Month of February 2023

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive set of Postal Monthly Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for the Month February 2023, specifically designed to cover topics related to the Post Office. Our materials include Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), concise Short Notes, professionally crafted PowerPoint presentations (PPTs), and downloadable PDF documents. Additionally, we provide interactive Quizzes, Online Tests, and Mock Tests to facilitate thorough preparation for postal examinations, including but not limited to LDCE IPO Exam, PS Group B Exam, LGO Exams, and GDS to Postman/MTS/Mail Guard/PA/SA Exams within the postal department.

1. What is the weight of the Delivery bag to be used by the Postmen/Delivery personnel assigned in Nodal Delivery Centres (NDCs)?

A 0.5 Kg

B 1 Kg

C 2 Kg

D None of these




2. RTN full form

A Register Tape Network

B Road Transport Network

C Routing Transit Number

D Registered Trade Name




3. The exemption of GST by way of speed post services of the DOP to the Central Government, State Government, Union territory has been discontinued from______

A January 2022

B March 2023

C July 2022

D February 2023




4. Which one of the following services is not exempted from GST ?

A Speed Post

B Postcard

C Inland Letter

D Book Post




5. Envelopes weighing less than _______grams shall be exempted from GST

A 25 Grams

B 5 Grams

C 20 Grams

D 10 Grams




6. SSA Withdrawal shall be allowed after the account holder attains the age of eighteen years or has passed tenth standard whichever is earlier up to 50% of the amount in the account at the end of the financial year preceding the year of application for withdrawal. Withdrawal may be made in one lump sum or in instalments, not exceeding one per year, for a maximum of _______ years,

A One

B Two

C Five

D Three



7. Which one of the following menu is used for SSA Withdrawal?








8. Abolition of Late fee charges on postal articles were notified vide gazette notification ________?

A Indian Post Office (Third Amendment) Rules, 2022, 29th December 2022

B Indian Post Office (Fifth Amendment) Rules, 2023, 23rd October, 2023

C Indian Post Office (Second Amendment) Rules, 2022, 30th May 2022

D Indian Post Office (Amendment) Rules, 2023, 10th January 2023




9. Which one of the following is not a CRA of NPS?

A Protean eGov Technologies Ltd

B Kfin Technologies Ltd

C AssetPlus Ltd

D Computer Age Management Services Ltd



10. How many CRAs (Central Record Keeping Agency) are there in NPS?

A One

B Two

C Three

D Four




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