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IPPB RIA Money Transfer Partnership - for Empowering Rural India

Empowering Rural India: IPPB and Ria Money Transfer Forge Pathbreaking Partnership

In a landmark collaboration aimed at bolstering financial inclusion across rural India, the India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) has teamed up with Ria Money Transfer, a global leader in cross-border money transfers. This partnership heralds a new era of accessible and secure remittance services, addressing the unique challenges faced by rural communities.

Background and Significance

With 65% of India's population residing in rural areas, access to financial services has been a longstanding challenge due to limited infrastructure. Many families must travel significant distances to collect international remittances, incurring expenses and facing security risks associated with carrying large sums of cash. The IPPB and Ria partnership aims to mitigate these challenges by providing doorstep financial services through India's extensive postal network.

Service Offerings

Through this collaboration, international inward money transfer services will be readily accessible at over 25,000 Post Office locations initially, with plans to expand to over 100,000 locations nationwide. This expansive reach leverages IPPB's status as the world's largest postal network and integrates Ria's global expertise in money transfer solutions. The initiative ensures that customers can receive remittances swiftly, conveniently, and securely, directly benefiting from enhanced financial inclusion.

Technological Integration

One of the pivotal aspects of this partnership is the integration of advanced technology to streamline customer experiences. Features such as biometric authentication for KYC verification and paperless transaction confirmations enhance security and operational efficiency. These innovations align with India's digital transformation agenda, reinforcing the commitment to a less cash-dependent economy and the vision of Digital India.

Voices of Leadership

According to Shri R Viswesvaran, MD & CEO of IPPB, "Rural India relies heavily on remittances for vital expenses like education and healthcare. Our partnership with Ria ensures that these funds reach families securely and efficiently, marking a significant step towards true financial inclusion."

Mr. Shawn Fielder, CEO of Ria Money Transfer, emphasized, "For rural communities, access to reliable money transfer services is transformative. Our collaboration with IPPB opens doors to economic opportunities and better livelihoods for millions across India."

About IPPB and Ria Money Transfer

IPPB, established under the Department of Posts, Ministry of Communication, is dedicated to providing accessible and affordable banking services through India's extensive postal network. It aims to empower the unbanked and underbanked segments of society, contributing to the nation's socio-economic development.

Ria Money Transfer, a business segment of Euronet Worldwide, Inc., specializes in fast, secure, and cost-effective global money transfers. With a robust network spanning cash settlements and direct bank deposits worldwide, Ria is committed to enhancing financial access and promoting economic growth.


The IPPB and Ria partnership exemplifies a commitment to service excellence and inclusive growth, leveraging their combined strengths to pioneer positive change in the remittance industry. By bridging the gap between digital technology and traditional postal services, this collaboration not only facilitates economic stability but also reinforces the fabric of rural economies across India.

This initiative underscores the transformative power of partnerships in advancing financial inclusion and supporting sustainable development goals. As IPPB and Ria continue to innovate and expand their reach, they reaffirm their dedication to ensuring that no corner of India is left behind in the global financial landscape.

Press Information Bureau (PIB), Government of India
Release ID: 2026658

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