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Latest SOP for DARPAN 2.0 Mobile App - Includes New Key Features and Procedure

Enhancements SOP Unveiled in DARPAN Version 2.0.0: Revolutionizing Postal Operations

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The latest iteration of the Department of Posts' DARPAN software, Version 2.0.0, brings forth a multitude of enhancements aimed at enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and user experience within the postal domain. Let's delve into the transformative features:

1. Article Scan, Search, and Delivery: A comprehensive option enabling users to effortlessly scan, search, and deliver articles. By navigating to Delivery Services, selecting Scan/Search Delivery, and specifying the Article Type, users can seamlessly manage article delivery with added remarks.

2. Article Bulk Delivery and Remarks Option: Users can now facilitate bulk delivery of all Accountable articles, excluding VP/COD. The streamlined process allows for the selection and simultaneous update of multiple articles' delivery statuses, addressing the issue of non-updated delivery dates.

3. Pay Slip Generation: The Pay Roll option now empowers users to generate payslips for BPM/ABPM, enhancing payroll management efficiency.

4. Validation for SB Withdrawals: A validation mechanism has been implemented to restrict CBS application withdrawals, limiting them to a single withdrawal not exceeding 20,000 INR per account.

5. Resolution of Speed Post Local Tariff Calculation Issue: Rectification of inaccuracies stemming from incorrect Lat-Long entries in CSI, ensuring accurate tariff calculations during Speed Post article bookings.

6. Separate Cash Remittance Option: Users can now seamlessly manage cash remittance through the dedicated Cash Remittance option under Utilities, streamlining cash handling procedures.

7. Data Flow for Virtual Bag Receipt: Addressing issues surrounding the non-receipt of virtual bags, ensuring their timely reception following correct closure and BO slip generation procedures.

8. Proper Change of User Details in the App: Improved functionality allowing users to effortlessly update their User ID and Name within the application.

9. Resolution of Non-Generation of BODA Due to Special Character: Rectification of issues hindering BODA generation due to special characters encountered during article booking and CBS transactions.

10. Validation of RD Deposit/Denomination during Opening of New Account: Implementation of validation measures to enforce adherence to deposit denomination limits during new RD account openings.

11. Integration to Pull IPPB Data Automatically for Generation of BODA: Manual entry of IPPB data has been replaced with automated data fetching, ensuring accurate BODA generation with minimal user intervention.

12. Changes in VPMO Booking Procedure: Enhancements include a separate VPMO booking screen, automatic fetching of Name and Address for virtual article bookings, and prevention of multiple VPMO bookings for a single VP article.

13. Changes in EMO Invoicing Procedure: The option to invoice eMOs kept in Deposit has been introduced, streamlining invoicing processes.

14. Reports for All Bags Received: Comprehensive reports displaying details of all received bags facilitate efficient bag management.

15. Updation of Pending PLI/RPLI Transactions: Resolving issues related to pending PLI/RPLI transactions, ensuring smoother transaction processing.

16. Provision to Collect Customs Duty: Introduction of functionality to receive and collect customs duty, enhancing revenue collection capabilities.

17. Validation for More Than One High-Value Withdrawal: Enforcing validation measures to prevent multiple high-value withdrawal requests until the first request is approved.

18. Provision to Enter Address while Redirecting the EMO: Users can now specify addresses for redirecting EMOs, enhancing redirection capabilities.

19. Article Search Option: Facilitating article status checks through a dedicated search option within the Mail operation module.

20. Updation of PIN Code: Users can now update PIN codes via the Master Data Updation option, resolving Speed Post tariff-related issues.

These enhancements mark a significant stride towards modernizing postal operations, ensuring greater efficiency, accuracy, and user satisfaction within the Department of Posts. With DARPAN Version 2.0.0, the postal domain embraces innovation to better serve the needs of its stakeholders and customers.

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