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Enhanced New Features in DARPAN 2.0 Android App new Version

Introducing Enhanced Features in DARPAN 2.0 new Version for Efficient Postal Operations

The Department of Posts is proud to unveil DARPAN Version 2.0.0, featuring a host of new enhancements and resolutions to streamline postal operations and improve user experience. Let's delve into the exciting new features:

1. Article Scan, Search, and Deliver: Simplifying article management with comprehensive scanning, search, and delivery options.

2. Payslip Generation: Convenient generation of payslips for postal employees.

3. Validation for Maximum Amount Withdrawal: Ensuring compliance with withdrawal limits through CBS applications, with a maximum limit of 20,000 INR for a single withdrawal.

4. Bulk Delivery and Remarks Option for Articles: Streamlining bulk delivery processes with added remarks option.

5. Resolution of Speed Post Local Tariff Calculation Issue: Addressing issues related to the calculation of Speed Post local tariffs.

6. Revised Procedure of Cash Remittance: Improved process for cash remittance, emphasizing correct BO Slip entry.

7. Proper Updation of Pending PLI/RPLI Transactions: Ensuring accurate and timely updates for pending PLI/RPLI transactions.

8. Proper Data Flow for Virtual Bag Receipt: Enhancing data flow efficiency for virtual bag receipts.

9. Resolution of Issue with VPMO Booking: Addressing issues related to VPMO booking prompts.

10. Proper Change of User Name in the App: Facilitating user name changes within the application.

11. Resolution of Non-Generation of BODA: Fixing issues preventing the generation of BODA due to special characters.

12. Proper Updation of Account Office Details: Ensuring accurate updates of account office details within the app.

13. Validation for RD Deposit/Denomination: Validating RD deposit and denomination during new account openings.

14. Integration to Pull IPPB Data: Automatically pulling IPPB data for seamless BODA generation.

15. Separate VPMO Booking Screen: Enhancing user experience with a dedicated VPMO booking screen.

16. Provision to View eMO: Allowing virtual or manual viewing of eMO after receipt of Money Orders under Invoice eMO option.

17. Automatic Fetching of Name and Address: Streamlining VPMO booking by automatically fetching name and address details.

18. Transaction Reports for VPMO Bookings: Detailed reports to show VPMO booked details separately.

19. Provision to Invoice eMO after Return Remarks: Enhanced invoicing options after return remarks.

20. Reports for All Bags Received: Comprehensive reports for multiple bag receipts.

21. Provision to Collect Customs Duty: Added functionality to collect customs duty.

22. Validation for High-Value Withdrawals: Ensuring validation for more than one high-value withdrawal.

23. eMO Bulk Payment Option: Bulk payment option for eMO with added remarks functionality.

24. Article Search Option in DARPAN App: Simplifying article search within the DARPAN app.

25. Resolution of Return to Sender Issue: Fixing articles reflecting under deposit article despite being returned to sender.

26. Article Search Option for Returns: Streamlining article search for return processes.

27. Separate Article Search Option: Facilitating article status checks through the local database.

28. Provision to Update PINCODE: Allowing updates for incorrect PINCODEs shown within the device.

DARPAN Version 2.0.0 represents a significant leap forward in postal operations, offering enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and user convenience. With these new features and resolutions, the Department of Posts is committed to providing top-notch postal services to citizens across India.

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