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DARPAN App New Version 2.0.5 Released Notes

DARPAN Android App Version 2.0.5 Release and Update Information


The DARPAN (Digital Advancement of Rural Post Office for A New India) initiative is aimed at modernizing and improving the efficiency of Branch Post Offices across India. The release of DARPAN Version 2.0.5 marks a significant step in enhancing the operational capabilities and user experience for Branch Post Office employees. This article provides a detailed overview of the changes and improvements incorporated in the new version, scheduled to roll out from July 3, 2024.

Release Details

The DARPAN Rollout Team from CEPT Mysuru has announced the release of the new version, Version 2.0.5, for all Branch Post Offices starting July 3, 2024. All users are requested to keep their devices online to receive the update seamlessly.

Key Changes and Improvements

  1. BO Master Data Page Visibility

    • Issue Fixed: The visibility of the BO Master Data Page has been improved, ensuring better access and usability for users.
  2. User Change in App

    • Issue Fixed: Enhanced functionality for changing users within the app to facilitate smoother transitions and user management.
  3. IPPB Data Fetching During BODA Generation

    • Issue Fixed: Resolved the issue where IPPB data fetching was problematic during the generation of BODA, ensuring accurate data retrieval and processing.
  4. PINCODE Updation

    • Issue Fixed: Users can now update Pincode information using the Master Data Updation Option, simplifying the data management process.
  5. PLI Pending Transaction Update

    • Issue Fixed: Modified the submit button to prevent the multiplication of premium, ensuring that pending PLI transactions are updated accurately and efficiently.
  6. Booking Confirmation SMS Issues

    • Issue Fixed: Resolved SMS confirmation issues for RL, SP, RP, and EMO bookings, ensuring users receive timely booking confirmations.
  7. Special Character Issues and SAP Booking Information

    • Issue Fixed: Fixed problems related to special characters in Speed, RL, Parcel, and eMo bookings, and addressed the unavailability of booking information in SAP.
  8. Space Issue in PLI Policy Details

    • Issue Fixed: Addressed spacing issues after entering PLI policy details and resolved the unavailability of premium paid information in SAP and McCamish.
  9. Modification of IPPB Submit Button

    • Issue Fixed: The submit button for IPPB has been modified to enable it only after Day End and disable it after submission, ensuring a streamlined submission process.
  10. RD DF Count Updates in Finacle

    • Issue Fixed: Resolved the issue where RD DF Count was not getting updated in Finacle, ensuring accurate record-keeping and updates.
  11. BODA Report and Transaction Details Discrepancy

    • Issue Fixed: Addressed the differences between BODA Report and Transaction Details, ensuring consistency and accuracy in reporting.
  12. Speed Post Booking Figure Display

    • Issue Fixed: Fixed the issue where the Speed Post booking figure showed zero for some users, ensuring correct display of booking figures.
  13. Day End Issue for VPMO Booking

    • Issue Fixed: Resolved issues related to VPMO bookings reflecting as "ZERO" during Day End, ensuring accurate end-of-day figures.
  14. User Notification and OTP Countdown

    • Issue Fixed: Enhanced user notification mechanisms with countdown functionality for logging in and OTP generation, improving user experience and security.
  15. Multiple Receipt Printing Issue

    • Issue Fixed: Fixed the problem of multiple receipt printings when booking articles through digital mode, reducing paper waste and ensuring single receipt generation.
  16. Digital Payment Issues in Article Booking

    • Issue Fixed: Addressed issues related to the pay screen, multiple slip printing, and SMS generation for article bookings using digital payments, ensuring a smoother payment process.


The release of DARPAN Version 2.0.5 brings a host of improvements and fixes that will significantly enhance the functionality and user experience of Branch Post Offices across the country. Users are encouraged to update their devices promptly to take advantage of these new features and improvements. The DARPAN Rollout Team is committed to continually improving the system to support the digital transformation of rural post offices in India.

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