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    GDS Online Engagement Cycle V 2023 - Notification will be on 23rd January 2023 - Check Application, Vacancy and complete details

    Preparatory exercise to be completed in connection with GDS Online engagement (Recruitment) process under, Schedule-I (January), 2023 in Post Office (India Post).

    No. 17-21/2022-GDS

    (GDS Section)

    Dated: 06.01.2023

    Subject: Preparatory exercise to be completed in connection with GDS Online engagement process under, Schedule-I (January), 2023.

    Download GDS Online Engagement Cycle V Preparation in PDF

    This is regarding preparatory exercise to be completed in connection with GDS Online engagement process under, Schedule-I (January), 2023.

    2. The Competent Authority has decided the following timelines for various prepatory exercise in respect of GDS online engagement process Schedule-I (January), 2023:

    Serial No

    GDS Online Engagement 2023 Activities

    GDS Online Engagement Time Schedule 2023


    Data entry and freezing of the vacancies by the Divisions

    06.01.2023 to 17.01.2023


    Rechecking data entry

    18.01.2023 to 19.01.2023


    Approval by Circles after freezing the data entry by Divisions

    20.01.2023 to 21.01.2023


    Issue of online notification by Divisions



    3. In this respect following guidelines may be adhered to by the Circles:-

    (i) Vacancies arose upto 31st December, 2022 due to discharge,resignations, transfer and falling vacant due to deputation to APS & IPPB (for more than six months) etc would be taken into consideration.

    (ii) Further process in respect of the vacancies already in pipeline under Cycle III & IV will continue and such posts will not be considered as vacant. For this purpose, the candidates who have already reported to the engaging authorities in Cycle-IV and the posts for which panel have not been exhausted under Cycle-III, will be considered in pipeline.

    (iii) In addition to above, it is noticed that as per MIS of Cycle-IV, there are about 9000 candidates who have Turned up and submitted their documents to Engaging authorities, but their joining status have not been updated in the portal. An MIS status as on date is also enclosed for ready reference. Circles need to update the joining/reporting status in the portal to avoid any discrepancies in calculation of vacancies. This is very important task as the final vacancies would be known only if the task is correctly completed, The unfilled vacancies is except,those in pipeline are to be completed/updated for the purpose of calculation of vacancies

    (iv) The GDSs in whose cases where online transfer has already been approved, are required to be relieved by 07.01.2023 [as already conveyed vide letter No. 17-31/2016-GDS dated 28.11.2022] for identification of vacant posts for notification.

    (v) Circles must complete/finalize and review of Compassionate cases by conducting special CCE before notifications of vacancies,

    vi A certificate by DPS (HQ) for completion of above works alongwith total Division wise vacancies to be notified may be furnished to this Directorate 21st  January,2023.

    4. CEPT needs to ensure that completion of the following tasks to enable Circles to carry out preparatory exercise:-

    1. Provision be made in online engagement software to incorporate all the modifications already approved and conveyed vide letters of even number dated 08.08.2022 and 18.11.2022.
    2. Windowil link to division for data entry may be given as per schedule.
    3. Detailed SOP for data entry of vacancies will be circulated to all concerned immediately.
    4. Vacancies will be notified by taking into consideration of augmentation in the following way instead of procurement of additional cloud server for hosting of GDS online engagement process:- (a) Optimization the process in the application. (b) Temporary Infra augmentation at BSNL cloud. (c) Sparing some server Infra at CEPT Data Centre, Mysuru.

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