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Postal LDCE AAO Exam 2022 Question Paper | Download LDCE AAO Exam 2022 Question Paper 1 to 6 in PDF

Postal LDCE AAO Exam 2022 Paper 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 Question Paper in PDF. Postal and Telecom Assistant Accounts Officer Exam has kick started on 26th of May 2022. Here you can download the Question Paper of Paper 1 in PDF format. This will be a useful reference for those who couldn’t attend the exam as well as those aspiring to write the exam in forth coming years.

Download Post Office LDCE AAO Exam 2022 Question Paper (I to VI) in PDF

Instructions to Examinees:

  1. This question paper contains three parts A, B and C. Part A has one question which is compulsory. Part B has three questions out of which any two are to be answered. Part C also contains three questions out of which any two are to be answered,
  2. Marks of each question are shown against it.
  3. In case of omission of any facts from the question so material that it prevents you from forming a conclusive opinion, please state so with your reasons in the answer sheet.

Compulsory Question (Based on Book-Keeping)
Q1) i). Trial Balance of a company Mangrove Ltd. for the financial year 2020-21 is shown in the table below. Prepare a Profit and Loss Account for the year ending March, 2021. (12 Marks)

ii) Calculate the Net worth of the Company.

Part B
(GFR 2017 & P&T FHB Vol. 1-2022 Edition based)
Q2) i). What are the General Principles tor Contract according to General Financial Rules 2017? (200-250 words) (7 Marks)
ii). Define Cost Plus Contract and Price Variation Clause. Whether Price Variation Clause must invariably be provided in Cost Plus Contract? (200-250 words) (8 Marks)

iii). Write True or False (Each carries one mark)

a) In Two Stage Bidding. Technical bid and Financial bid are received simultaneously.

b) In the case of Open tendering. the minimum time to be allowed for submission of bids is three weeks.

c) For purchase of goods, Limited Tender Enquiry process may be adopted even where the estimate value of the procurement is more than Rupees Twenty-Five lakhs in specific circumstances.

d) Incase of a limited tender enquiry to purchase goods, an organization sends bidding documents to 10 registered suppliers A, B, C, D, E. F, GH. I. and J. Three unsolicited bidders K, L and M also participated in the bidding. The organization can reject the bids of K, L and M.

e) PAC stands for Proprietary Article Certificate and to be provided while making procurement from a single source.

Q 3) Write short notes on any four of the following: (100-150 words each)(Each carries 5 Marks)

i) Various contents of Annual Financial Statements laid before the Parliament.

ii) What is Non-Tax Revenue? Give brief explanation of ‘Dividends and Profits’ as non- tax revenue

iii) Define “Capital Expenditure” and “Revenue Expenditure’. Give two examples of each

iv) Important points for disbursing officer while verifying the cash book as per P&T FHB Vol I

v) Match the following items of Column A with Column B according to P&T FHB VOL I

vi) Explain the procedure of Remittances between two Head Post Offices.

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