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    CCS CCA 1965 MCQ | CCS CCA (Central Civil Services (Classification, Control & Appeal) Quiz Questions and Answers | Postal Exam MCQ [Set 13]

    MCQs On Central Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) CCS CCA Rules 1965,Multiple choice questions and answers (MCQs) for Postal Exams/LDCE IPO Exam/PS Group B Exam/LGO Exams/GDS to Postman/MTS/Mail Gaurd/PA/SA Exams in postal department.


    1. A Government servant shall be deemed to have been placed under suspension, if, in the event of a conviction for an offense is sentenced to him a term of imprisonment exceeding_____ ?

    A 24 Hours

    B 48 Hours

    C 72 Hours

    D less than 6 Hours




    2. Deemed suspension of an employee means ?

    A An employee’s suspension period is going to be completed

    B An employee is treated to have been placed under suspension

    C An employee is likely to be suspended in near future

    D An employee is to be threatened regarding suspension




    3. The suspension is a

    A Major Penality

    B Minor Penality

    C Temporary detachment of service

    D Serious warning




    4. Which Rule under CCS(CCA) Rules 1965 deals with the "Classification of Services"?

    A Rule 7

    B Rule 6

    C Rule 4

    D Rule 3




    5. What does CCA stand for in CCS(CCA) Rules 1965 ?

    A Civil, Conduct and Appeal

    B Classification, Control and Appeal

    C Classification, Conduct and Appeal

    D Classification, Control and Application




    6.Deemed suspension refers to detention in custody of a Government servant for a period of ?

    A Exceeding 48 hours

    B Exceeding 24 hours but not exceeding 48 hours

    C Exceeding 12 hours

    D No prescribed period



    7. The CVC should be consulted in the following cases? ?

    A In all cases relating to Gazetted officers

    B In all cases relating to vigilance cases

    C In all vigilance cases relating to Gazetted officers

    D In all of these cases




    8. The circumstances under which a Government servant may be placed under suspension are enumerated in the following rules ?

    A Rule 10 of CCS(CCA) Rules 1965

    B Rule 14 of CCS(CCA) Rules 1965

    C Rule 20 of CCS(CCA) Rules 1965

    D Rule 16 of CCS(CCA) Rules 1965




    9. A Government Servant under suspension is entitled to?

    A Leave salary equal to leave salary on half pay

    B Ex-gratia payment

    C Subsistence allowance

    D All of these



    10. Whether recovery of overpayments can be made from the subsistence allowance? ?

    A Yes, at the discretion of the Competent Authority

    B Yes, at the option of Government servant

    C It is mandatory

    D No




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