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Postal AAO Transfer Orders List 2022 | Promotion-Posting-Transfer in the grade of Accounts Officer (AO) of the IP&TAFS Group-B of Postal Department 2022

Promotion-Posting-Transfer in the grade of Accounts Officer of the IP&TAFS Group-B of Postal Department 2022.- reg.

Approval of the competent authority is hereby conveyed foF provio7onal pf’OMOtiOft of the following Assistant Accounts Officers of IP&TAFS Group-B to the cadre of Accounts Officer against downgraded  vacancies in the Level- 9 of Pay Matrix of 7th CPC and to post them as mentioned against each,  with immediate effect: -

2.   Heads of the office will communicate these orders and the place of posting to the officer(s) 

concerned immediately and obtain from them their acceptance of the ofTer of promotion within 10 days of the receipt of this memorandum and forward the same to this office. Acceptance of the offer includes the acceptance of the place of posting and no representation for change of place of posting will be entertained and no representation(s) need to be forwarded. The officers may be relieved within 30 days from the issue of this order by authorities concerned to report for duty on promotion at the place of their posting.

3.  Posting within the circle will be made by the Heads of PAOs/CCAs concerned.

4.   Refusal of promotion will lead to debarring the officer from promotion and financial upgradation of any kind till one year from the issue of this order. Disclplinary action can be taken against the officer for refusing to obey the orders of the Competent Authority. List of officers refusing promotion shall be notified on 20แต—^ 3une, 2022 debarring them from any promotion and financial upgradation for one year. Officers refusing promotion shall be debarred from any officiating opportunity, which should be strictly implemented by the heads of the CCAs/PAOs etc.

5.  Officers who are undergoing induction training may submit their represenEatlon to join after the completion of Che training through DG, NICF.

6.    The above promotion order is subject to outcome of the various Court Cases pending against LDCE- 2018 Including Hon‘ble CAT Ernakulam Bench order dated 08.04.2022 in OA No. 180/00167/2019.

7.    The officers who are promoted from AAO to AO cadre may exercise the option for fixation of their pay on promotion within one month as provided under FR-22.

8.    The promotion  of the  officer(s)  as  above  is  subject  to the  conditions  that no disciplinary  proceedings/vigilance case of the  types  referred  to  in the Department  of Personnel  and  Training  OM  No.  22011/4/91-EstE.(A)  dated  14.09.1992  and  Of No. 22034/4/2012- Estt. (D) dated 02.11.2012 is pending against them and such case, if any, be referred to the Dlrectorate, and no promotion be made. Further, if in respect of any officer some punishment is current, he/she should not be promoted/relieved on promotion and his/her case should be reported to this office immediately.

9.   The officer(s) already officiating in AO cadre may be reverted to the cadre of AAO before promotien to the grade of Accounts Officer of IP&TAFS Group-B.

10.   "In respect of reserved category candidate i.e. sC/ST candidates, promotion of the candidates is provisional subject to verification of Eheir caste status. Head of Ehe office will take an underta1cing from the officers to this effect at the time of their promotion and ensure verification  of caste status within one month. ARer verification necessary  entries may invariably be made in the Service Books of the officers concerned in terms of instructions contained  in DOP&T OM No.  36011/16-80-Estt(SCT) dated  27.02.81, No.  42012/8/B7- Estt(SCT) dated 14.10.87 and OM No. 36012/36(22)/89-Estt(SCT) dated 16.06.89."

11.   TA/TP/CTG shall be admissible as per extant rules.

12.  Charge reports should be submitted to all concerned including AO (PACE),  A Wing, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi.

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