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Verification of Educational documents through GDS Online Portal (verification facility) of selected candidates for GDS (Gramin Dak Sevaks) Posts

No 17-46/2023-GDS Government of India Ministry of Communications Department of Posts (GDS Section) Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110 001 Dated: 06.05.2024

Subject: Verification of Educational documents through GDS Online Portal (verification facility) of selected candidates for GDS Posts -reg.

Kindly refer to this office letter of even number dated 11.05.2023, 20.07.2023 and 06.11.2023on the above mentioned subject whereby it was requested to all Circles to verify the marksheet/certificate of GDS candidates from the Digi locker/ Board website, if available online and upload the verification report in the portal by 30.11.2023.

2. The information furnished by CEPT, it is observed that a large number of documents are pending for verification at Circle level pertaining to schedule-I, January-2023, Special Cycle and Schedule-II, July, 2023. These documents are either be got verified from the concerned board physically by Circles or to be verified in the online mode (digilocker/website of the boart) by the respective engaging authorities.

3. Therefore, the Competent Authority has decided to take the following course of actions for verification of the educational certificates pending in the Circle IDs:

(a) For Schedule-I, January-2023

i) Wherever, the documents are not available in digilocker/online verification not feasible, the concerned Circles (where board exists) may send the document for verification to the concerned board with requisite fee, if any within a fortnight. The Circles (where board exists) would make liaison with the concerned board to get the verification report and upload the same as and when the reports are received.

ii) Wherever, the documents are available in digilocker/verification is feasible online, the concerned Circles (where board exists) to download the list of such candidates and share the details of such documents with concerned Circles, EA wise for verification by concerned EA under intimation to this Section by 11.05.2024. While forwarding such documents to concerned Circle/EA, website/Digi locker details will also be shared so that concerned EA can verify these documents easily online.

iii) The Circle under whose control the engaging authority lie would forward the above details to the concerned engaging authorities for verification of documents in online mode (digilocker/website) before 15.05.2024.

iv) The online verification will be made by the concerned EAs by 31.05.2024. On verification through the online mode by the EA, the pending documents, where online verification is carried out by the EA would automatically get deleted from the Circle login and only those document would remain in the IDs, which are to be got verified physically.

(b) For Special Cycle and Schedule-II ,July-2023: - The concerned EAs are required to to verify the pending documents by 25.05.2024 and documents not available in the online platform would be forwarded by them to Circle login (where board exists) and all the pending. CEPT has been requested to made available the MIS for monitoring purpose at all levels and to arrange a demonstration of the verification facility in the Portal to the Circle Nodal officers. The Circles are requested to make liaison with the CEPT in this respect.

Yours sincerely (Ravi Pahwa) Assistant Director General (GDS/PCC) Tel. No. 011-23096629

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