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Handling of Registered Packets (Domestic & International) at CRCs

No.33-1/2023-PD Government of India Ministry of Communication Department of Posts Parcel Directorate Malcha Marg Post Office Complex, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110021 Dated: 29.04.2024 To All Chief Postmasters General All Postmasters General

Sub: Handling of Registered Packets (Domestic & Internationa]) at CRCs

Download Handling of Registered Packets (Domestic & Internationa]) at CRCs 2024 in PDF

This is regarding change in processing and delivery of domestic articles booked under the category of Registered Packets and international articles booked as International Tracked Packets (ITPS) and Foreign Registered /insured small packet & News Paper.

2. Instructions issued by Parcel Directorate vide letter number 1-14/2018-PD dated 11th June 2020 and OM Number CF-71/16/2022-CF-DOP dated 22.06.2023 by IR & GB Division may be referred in this regard wherein , in the domestic category, accountable articles under Packet Category ie. Registered Book Packet, Registered Book Packet containing Periodical, Registered Printed book, Registered News Paper, Registered News Paper (Bundle), Sample and Pattern Packet, Blind Literature and in the international category International Tracked Packet and Registered Small Packet & News Paper are treated as “parcels” from operational point of view and mapped with Parcel bag. This results in them being processed at PHs and delivered through NDCs (where functional).

3. In the present processing system it is noticed that majority of the articles under the category of Packets are small in size (often in the form of envelopes) and difficult to process in the Parcel Hubs. Further, delivery of these Packets also impacts the NDCs operations and performance.

4. In this matter feedback from the Circles were obtained to review the present processing of aforesaid Packets and International articles. In view of the feedback received from the Circles and operational challenges being faced with the current mapping,

following category of domestic and international articles will be processed henceforth at Computerized Registration Centres (CRCs) and delivery will be done through delivery Post Offices only:

S.No. Domestic Category   

1. Registered Book Packet, Registered Book Packet containing Printed Books,  Registered Book Packet containing Periodicals, Registered News Paper, Registered News Paper Bundle, Sample Pattern packet, Blind Literature

International Category :

Foreign Registered /Insured Small packet, News Paper & International Tracked Packet Service (ITPS).

5. All other international letter post items (Letter, Blind Literature, Printed Papers & M Bag) shall continue to be processed at CRCs as is being done currently.

6. In order to process these categories of domestic and international articles in R Bag, mapping of these articles has already been changed from Parcel Bag to R Bag in CSI system. The bag closing pattern along with routing of bags containing these articles will be as follows: -

Booking: -

(i) There would be no change in booking of these accountable articles in CSI POS. Circle to ensure execution of daily synch in CSI POS by the booking post offices / BNPL/BPCs.

(ii) Post offices to close three “Registered Bag” to their mapped CRCs (L1/L2):

(iii) Post offices/ IBCs to close direct bags for outward ITPS and Registered /Insured letter post articles (letter, small packet, Blind literature, printed paper, M bag) to mapped FPO/OE in case the daily average of 15 articles /10 kg mail per category exists as mentioned in IR & GB Division OM Number CF-71/16/2022-CF-DOP dated 22.06.2023.

Processing: -

(iv) Processing of these articles will be done at CRCs (L1/L2).

(v) Processing of domestic packets and closing bags for destinations as per the applicable transport mode (Air/Surface).

(vi) For international outward category of articles, all CRCs (L1) shall close direct bags to mapped FPOs only for Registered/Insured letter post items and ITPS articles and dispatch the bags through Air where air connections are available.

(vii) These articles will be closed in bags containing other accountable articles for Delivery Post offices by CRCs

Delivery: -

(viii) Delivery of these type of articles would be done through delivery post offices only and not NDCs. Operational process to be followed for delivery would be similar to other accountable articles.

7. In view of the above, Circles are requested to take necessary action and get the instructions implemented at all the offices with immediate effect.

8. This is issued with the approval of the competent authority.

(Anil Kumar Rose)

Assistant Director-II

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