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LTC (Leave Travel Concession) Guidelines 2024 | Download LTC Rules 2024 in PDF

Guidelines of Leave Travel Concession (LTC) 2024 for Government Employees.

The Leave Travel Concession (LTC) scheme serves as a valuable benefit for Government employees, facilitating their travel to their hometown or any destination within India. Here's a breakdown of the comprehensive guidelines outlined in the recent Office Memorandum:

No.DOPT-1714455840135 Government of India Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions Department of Personnel and Training ESTT.(Estt. A-IV) (Dated 30 April, 2024 ) OFFICE MEMORANDUM

1. LTC Scheme Overview:

  • The LTC scheme allows Government employees to visit their hometown or any place in India during a four-year block.
  • Employees can choose between two options: availing hometown LTC twice in a two-year block or visiting hometown once and any place in India in another two-year block.
  • Travel expenses for the employee and eligible family members are borne by the Government.
  • Flexibility is provided for family members to travel separately and visit different destinations.

2. Applicability of LTC Rules:

  • The scheme applies to various categories of Government employees, including civil servants, defense personnel, and those on deputation or contract basis.
  • Certain categories, such as railway servants and members of the Armed Forces, have specific provisions under separate rules.

3. Special Provisions:

  • Different conditions apply to specific categories like contract-based employees and re-employed individuals.
  • Industrial and work-charged staff with regular leave entitlement are also eligible for LTC.

4. Scope and Definitions:

  • LTC covers the employee and their family, with detailed definitions provided for "family" to include dependents.
  • Conditions regarding dependency, including provisions for multiple children and second marriages, are outlined.

5. Change of Hometown:

  • Hometown, once declared, is generally considered final, but exceptions can be made under certain circumstances with proper authorization.

6. Declaration of Place of Visit:

  • Employees must declare the intended place of visit in advance, with allowances for changes under exceptional circumstances.

7. Admissibility of LTC:

  • LTC is subject to completion of one year's continuous service and is applicable during various types of leave.
  • Detailed provisions are made for the class of railway accommodation and documentation requirements.

8. Additional Notes and Provisions:

  • Provisions for LTC during leave preparatory to retirement and for dependents residing away from the employee's headquarters are specified.
  • Various scenarios, such as deputation for training or service abroad, have specific rules governing LTC entitlement.
  • Options are provided for deputationists to choose LTC benefits according to the more favorable rules.

These guidelines aim to streamline the LTC process for Government employees, ensuring clarity and consistency in availing this important benefit.

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