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Aadhaar is not a Proof of Date of Birth (DoB) - Clarification issued by UIDAI

Accepting Aadhaar as a Proof of Date of Birth (DoB) – A Clarification (F.No. HQ-13065/1/2022-AUTH-II HQ/8075) dated 22nd December 2023.

In recent times, there has been a growing trend among Authentication User Agencies (AUAs) and Know Your Customer User Agencies (KUAs) to consider and accept Aadhaar cards or e-Aadhaar as valid documents for proving one's Date of Birth (DoB). However, it's imperative to clarify the actual role and limitations of Aadhaar in this context.

Download Aadhaar is not a Proof of Date of Birth (DoB) - Clarification issued by UIDAI in PDF

Aadhaar, as many are aware, is a unique 12-digit identification number issued to Indian residents after they undergo the enrolment process, which involves submitting demographic and biometric information. While Aadhaar serves as a crucial tool for authentication through various means as outlined under the Aadhaar Act of 2016 and its accompanying regulations, it's essential to understand its limitations regarding the validation of one's Date of Birth.

During the enrolment or update process, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) records the Date of Birth as claimed by the individual, based on the supporting documents provided by them. These documents are specified under the list of acceptable documents for Aadhaar enrolment, readily available on the UIDAI website.

However, it's crucial to note that Aadhaar, per se, is not considered a standalone proof of Date of Birth. This position is reinforced by the Office Memorandum issued by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) through UIDAI on December 20, 2018, which explicitly states that while Aadhaar can be used for establishing identity subject to authentication, it does not serve as proof of Date of Birth.

Furthermore, various High Courts across the country have emphasized this aspect of the Aadhaar Act in recent judgments. A notable example is the ruling by the Hon'ble High Court of Bombay in a case involving the Unique Identification Authority of India, dated July 28, 2023, which underscores the distinction between Aadhaar and proof of Date of Birth.

Given these clarifications and legal precedents, it is incumbent upon AUAs and KUAs to refrain from accepting Aadhaar as a valid proof of Date of Birth. It is essential to adhere to the regulations and guidelines set forth by UIDAI and other competent authorities to ensure the accurate verification and authentication of individuals' identities.

In conclusion, while Aadhaar serves as a valuable tool for identity verification, its role in establishing one's Date of Birth is limited. By aligning with regulatory directives and legal interpretations, stakeholders can maintain integrity and accuracy in the authentication process while safeguarding individuals' rights and privacy.

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