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GDS Mutual Transfer Process SOP | Download GDS Rule 3 Mutual Transfer Process SOP in PDF

Instructions for the GDS applicants applying for the Mutual transfer SOP.

Download GDS Mutual Transfer Process SOP (Rule 3) in PDF

To initiate the mutual transfer process, the GDS official has to first login to the Rule 3 portal using the URL . The following login screen will appear.

1. The GDS can login into the portal by entering their username and password. Here the username is the CSI Employee ID of the GDS (5xxxxxxx). During the first-time login, the GDS has to create his new password by clicking on the Set/Reset Password option available on the login screen. Please see the image below.

Click on the Set/Reset password link and you will be taken to the password creation page as

In this screen the GDS has to enter their CSI Employee id and enter the password of his/her choice. Later they have to re enter the password for confirmation and then click on the submit button.

After clicking on the submit button, the portal will send an OTP to the registered mobile of the GDS which was updated by the respective division in the rule 3 portal.

Click on OK and you will be taken to the below screen. Here the GDS have to enter the OTP which they receive on their mobile phone. Then click on SUBMITOTP button.

After submitting the OTP, the password will be set and the GDS will be taken to the login screen again, where the GDS have to login with their CSI employee id and the newly created password.

2. After logging into the portal, the below screen will appear for the GDS.

3. In this home page screen, the GDS has to click on the Utilities button.From there, they should click on the Rule 3 Application button.

4.By clicking on the Rule 3 Application the below screen will appear for the GDS The full details of the GDS will appear on the screen. In this screen some information concerned to the GDS is auto populated. The GDS has to enter the remaining fields without fail. Email id field is optional and can be entered if available, else can be left blank. The Gds candidate who wish to apply for the Mutual transfer can click on

1. Application Grounds : here he has to select the Mutual Grounds and then click on validate Details.

Note: GDS applying for the Mutual transfer must have the Same TRCA level. Dd e.g If the GDS Is working on TRCA level 10000 he will apply for mutual transfer against the GDS working on TRCA 10000 only.

2. The GDS has to enter the Mutual GDS candidate ID and click on Get GDS Details The following screen will appear. The Details of the Mutual Gds Will appear in the following Screen

If The Details of the GDS candidate is shown correctly then click on Confirm Details & Submit Application.

Now the role of the First GDS applicant Seeking Mutual transfer is finished .

Now the Gds candidate against whom the mutual application is applied will see this request after login in the Rule 3 portal. If he confirms and click on Agree & Confirm Mutual Transfer Request, then rule3 mutual application will recorded in the portal.

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