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Online Rule 38 transfer online Web Portal 2023 Updates

 Sub: Online Rule 38 transfer online Web Portal

Ref : Ltr No. STA/22-1/RTFRS-TPG/RIgs/VIl dated 20-12-2022 & 08-02-2023.

A kind reference is invited to Directorate letter No. X-12/6/2021-SPN-II dated 30-11-2022 & 03-02-2023. As per the instructions contained in the Directorate letter the transfer cycle shall be operated on the quarterly basis which falls due every quarterly during the month of March/June/September/December. The instructions of the Directorate regarding timelines issued for capturing the vacancies quarterly may be strictly adhered to.

In this regard, it is hereby requested to direct the Divisions to capture the Vacancy for the quarter of December 2023 with timelines ie. 1st to 5th December 2023 in respect of Postal Assistant / Sorting Assistant / Postman / Mail guard/MTS cadre in the online Rule-38 Web Portal.

In respect of Circle cadre i.e. PA (CO/RO), PA (SBCO) & MTS (CO/RO) the vacancy position as on 01-12-2023 may be furnished within 04-12-2023 without fail, It may be noted that in no case an extension of time will be given. All Divisions to be very careful while capturing vacancy to avoid any editing. If any Division is unable to finish the vacancy capturing, system will proceed further by making * ZERO" vacancy, for which concerned Division will be responsible.

It is directed to relieve all the officials due for transfer under 38 (Intra/Inter) immediately without any further delay.

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