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Delegation of Financial Powers to GM, CEPT and HOC, CEPT i/c/w DOP IT Project 2.0

Sub: Delegation of Financial Powers to GM (General Manager) CEPT and HOC (Head of the Circle) CEPT.

Download Delegation of Financial Powers to GM, CEPT and HOC, CEPT in PDF

No. 6-4/2023-FA(P)/55 Government of India Ministry of Communications Department of Posts Integrated Finance Wing Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, Mew Delhi-110001 Dated: 21.09.2023 OFFICE MEMORANDUM

In accordance with the approval of the Project Steering Committee vide para 5.7 of the Minutes of the Meeting held on 24.08.2023, Secretary (Posts) in consultation with AS & FA is pleased 10 extend the delegation of financial powers to GM, CEPT and HOC, CEPT as furnished in the enclosed Annexure.

2. The powers will be utilised by GM, CEPT and HOC, CEPT subject to the overall amount approved by the Project Steering Committee under each item.

3. The expenditure may be incurred from the fund placed to be placed under IT 2.0 and with the concurrence of IFA at the appropriate level. Inno case should expenditure be incurred without corresponding budget allotment. Budget control and monitoring of expenditure vis-a-vis fund allocation may be monitored by maintaining registers.

4. All the procurement may be made by following the rules of procurement on the subject, such as GFR-2017, Financial Handbooks, Manual of Procurement for Goods, Works, Services and Consultancy ete.

5 For civil/electrical works, renting of accommodation ete., the normal procedure being followed by the Department, i.e. obtaining the estimate from civil wing/electrical wing, constitution of rent assessment committee ete. as the case may be, should be followed.

6. This delegation will be applicable during the currency of IT 2.0 Project only.

Encl. As above

(Anurag Srivastava) Director (FA)

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