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What will happen when DA reaches 50 percent in 7th CPC for Central Government Employee

What will happen When DA (Dearness allowance) reaches 50% for central government (CG) employees?. What are the benefits available to central government employees when DA reaches 50%?. let us see the benefits as mentioned below:

D.A. from 01 Jan. 2023   42%

D.A. from 01 Jul. 2023   46% to 47% (Expected)

D.A. from 01 Jan. 2024   > 50%

Download Document havind the details of when DA reaches 50% in PDF

H.R.A.- House Rent Allowance:

Type of City 

HRA When 7th Pay Commission implemented   

HRA when DA will reaches 25% (Present HRA)   

HRA when DA will reach 50%















Note :- The rates of HRA will not be less than Rs. 5400/-, 3600/- & 1800/- at X,Y & Z class cities respectively.

Retirement Gratuity:

Retirement gratuity is admissible to all employees who retire after completion of 5 years of qualifying service at the rate of one-fourth of emoluments for each completed six-monthly period of qualifying service subject to maximum of 16 1/2 times the emoluments or Rs 20 lakhs from 01/01/2016.

The ceiling on gratuity may increased by 25% whenever DA rise by 50%.

Maximum ceiling at Present        

Maximum ceiling when DA will reach 50%

Rs 20 Lakhs              

Rs 25 Lakhs

Composite Transfer grant:

A Composite Transfer Grant equal to 80% of last month’s Basic Pay. No other add-ons should be allowed in Basic Pay while calculation CTG.

For Transfer to and from the island territories of Andaman, Nicobar and Lakshadweep, CTG may continue to be paid at 100%.

Composite Transfer Grant .  

Present Rate  

When DA will reach 50%


At Normal Place

80% of Basic

100% of Basic

Transfer to and from the island territories of A.N. & Lakshadweep


100% of Basic

125% of Basic

The rates for personal effects will further increase by 25% each time DA rises by 50%.

Special Allowance for Child Care:

i. Women with disabilities shall be paid Special allowance for Child Care from the time of the child's birth till the child is two years old.

ii. It shall be payable for a maximum of two eldest surviving children.

iii. Disability means a person having a minimum Disability of 40% as elaborated in Ministry of Welfare's Notification No. 16-18/97-NLI dated 1.6.2001 and amended from time to time

Present Rate

When DA will reach 50%

Rs 3,000/- per month

Rs 3,750/- per month

C.E.A. — Children Education Allowance:

H.S. — Hostel Subsidy:

Rate of Children Education Allowance and Hostel Subsidy


Present Rate

When DA will reach 50%

Children Education Allowance

   Rs 2,250 /- per month 

Rs 2812.5/- per month

Hostel Subsidy  

   Rs 6,750 /- per month

Rs 8437.5/- per month

The rates are raised by 25% every time the DA reaches 50%

* Both hostel subsidy and Children Education Allowance can be availed concurrently.

Dress Allowance:

i. The Uniform Allowance / Washing Allowance/ Stitching Charges/ Shoe Allowance, etc. have been subsumed in Dress Allowance

ii. The amount of Dress Allowance shall be credited to the salary of employees directly once a year in the month of July.

Present Rate

When DA will reach 50%

Rs 5,000/- per year

Rs 6,250/- per month

Cash Handling Allowance to Cashiers:

The rates of Cash Handling Allowance :-

Amount of average monthly cash disbursed

Present Rate

When DA will reach 50%

<= 5,00,000

   Rs 700 /- per month 

Rs 875/- per month


   Rs 1,000 /- per month

Rs 1250/- per month

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