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MMU (Mail Monitoring Units) Benchmarks | Benchmarks to be ensured by Mail Monitoring Units (MMU) in PDF

Subject: Benchmarks to be ensured by Mail Monitoring Units (MMU)- reg.

Download MMU (Mail Monitoring Units) Benchmarks in PDF

F.No.18-01/2023-PD Government of India Ministry of Communications Department of Posts Parcel Directorate Malcha Marg Post Office Complex Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110021 Date: 20.07.2023

To, All Chief Postmasters General All Postmasters General

This is with reference to the discussions during the VC meeting on 19.07.2023 chaired by DG Postal Services for achieving minimum benchmarks related to Mail and Parcel operations and delivery. Minimum benchmarks for various functionalities of MMU (Mail Monitoring Units( have been fixed as under:

MMU (Mail Monitoring Units Report Name

MMU (Mail Monitoring Units Benchmark


Delivery Performance of Documents and Parcels in D+0 (Source - BI tools)



No Scan after 7 days of receipt at offices for Parcels and 4 days for mails (Source - BI tools)  .


Scan Performance of Documents and Parcels (TD/NTD) (Source - Bl tools)



TMO receipt scan performance of Mail and Parcel bags (Source - Bl tools)


PMA utilization performance (issued in DPMS and handled in PMA) (Source  - MIS Dashboard)


Number of offices with sync failure (Source - Techops report)



Number of offices not done EOD in DPMS (Source - Techops report)



Number of BOs for which BO slip not generated through system (Source - Techops report)




 2. Performance of Circles on the above functionalities in the fortnight 1-15 July 2023 will be shared shortly and the same will be taken as reference point.

3. Next review of the Circles will be held in 2nd week of August 2023 based on the performance of Circles for the period from 17.07.2023 to 30.07.2023.

4. All Circle and Regional Heads are requested to monitor the performance of Post and Mail offices with reference to the aforementioned benchmarks and ensure enhanced performance in each case.

(Ajay Kumar Roy) Chief General Manager

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