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Roll out of DARPAN app (RICT Device) in Branch Post Offices (BOs) under IT Project 2.0

Subject: Deployment of RICT devices and roll out of Unified DARPAN app in Branch Post Offices (BOs) under IT 2.0-reg.

Download Roll out of Unified DARPAN Mobile App in Branch Post Offices(BOs) under IT 2.0 in PDF

F No. 13-01/2023-RB Government of India Ministry of Communications Department of Posts (RB & Planning Division) Dak Bhawan, New Delhi-110001 Dated : 24.07.2023

This is regarding deployment of RICT devices and roll out of DARPAN app in all branch post offices across the country.

2. As Circles are aware, Expenditure Finance Committee (EFC)/Public Investment Board (PIB) in its meeting held on 23.11.2021 has decided that procurement of tablets/mobiles as a replacement of RICT devices under IT Modernization Project 2.0 would be done through India Post Payments Bank (IPPB). Accordingly, the existing handheld RICT devices supplied under IT Modernization Project 1.0 for carrying out BO transactions would be replaced by mobile / tablets provided by IPPB. The following has been approved in connection with replacement of exiting RICT devices:-

(i). Tablets, keyboards, mobiles and biometric scanners shall be provided by the IPPB from its own funds. IPPB shall ensure integrated support, maintenance/replacement of the devices up to the currency of IT 2.0.

(ii). All BOs shall be provided with tablets. In case of single-handed BOs, the tablet will be used by BPM for delivery / doorstep banking work as well. In case of double or more handed BOs, the BPM will carry out BO transactions on the tablet and the ABPM entrusted with the job of delivery/ doorstep banking work will be provided with mobile.

(iii). IPPB will provide SIM / rural connectivity to BOs bundled as part of RICT device replacement with no cost to Department of Posts.

3. In so far as BO application is concerned, CEPT has developed a unified DARPAN android app for carrying out transaction in BOs. The app functionalities have been tested in a proof of concept (POC) conducted in five Circles in the month of Jan- Feb 2023. The security audit of the unified DARPAN app has been got done by CEPT and the app will be pushed in RICT devices though IPPB MDM.

4. The present RH and RSI contract under I'T 1.0 will be over on 30.09.2023. Accordingly, the deployment of new RICT devices and unified DARPAN app under IT 2.0 will be undertaken in the month of August & September,2023, so that DARPAN 2.0 app in BOs start functioning w.e.f. 01.10.2023.

5. A detailed rollout plan (Annexures-I , II, III and IV) in connection with deployment of RICT devices and DARPAN app in all BOs across the country is enclosed for kind information and necessary action. Circles are requested to initiate action as per the activity /timeline schedule mentioned in Annexure-IV of the letter.

6. This issues with approval of the Competent Authority. Enc: As above A

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