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Parcel Safe and Secure Transmission through RTN (Road Transport Network) | Postal Parcel Transmission through RTN

Sub: Safe and Secure Transmission of Parcel through RTN (Road Transport Network).

Download Parcel RTN Safe and Secure Transmission in PDF

F. N0.19-02/2019-PD Government of India Ministry of Communications Department of Posts (Parcel Directorate). Malcha Marg Post Office Complex Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110021 Date: 08/06/2023

To All Chief Postmasters General

Safe and secure transmission and prompt delivery of Parcels hold key to increase in Parcel Business.

2. Even a single case of loss/damage or pilferage of Parcel gets highlighted on social media and dents the image of the Department as a Parcel service provider.

3. Security measures if strictly enforced, can bring about qualitative improvement in safe and secure transmission of Parcels across the country.

4. Circles must implement the suggested security measures as detailed below without any complacency and leave no room for any embarrassing case of loss/damage or pilferage.

(i) Parcel bags to be sent through RTN vehicles only.

(ii) Speed Post Parcel bags to be sent through Air wherever air connectivity is available.

(iii) The bag loading and unloading areas at all the TMOs/Transshipment centres/Bag Exchange points to be covered under CCTV surveillance.

(iv) No RTN vehicles should ply without being secured with Bullet seals.

(v) Bullet seal number should invariably be mentioned on the mail list and to be checked by Supervisors at exchange and destination points.

(vi) Cargo nets to be used in RTN vehicles for segregating bags for each destination

(vii) Parcels should not be sent loose. All Parcels to be sent in Bags.

(viii) To ensure that GPS devices are installed on RTN vehicles and monitored by Circle/Regional/Divisional teams.

5. None of the security measures as above are difficult to implement. Request all Chief Postmasters General and Postmasters General to implement these measures without any deviation/lapse.

Growth in Parcel Business of India Post depends on safe and secure transmission and prompt delivery of Parcels.

(Ajay Kumar Roy) Chief General Manager. Copy to: All Postmasters General

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