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D-cube App FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) | Download D Cube App Aadhar Seeding Procees FAQS in PDF

D-cube App FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers). Download D Cube App Aadhar Seeding FAQS in PDF.

Q1. What is the latest version of D-Cube
D-Cube Version 1.1.7 is the latest version.
Q2. How D-Cube can be installed.
IPPB Mobile – D-Cube software is pushed by IPPB through MDM
PMA Mobile with IPPB installed – D-Cube software is pushed by IPPB.
PMA Mobile (without IPPB installed) – to be downloaded from https://dopdbtdelivery.in
BYOD Mobile device – To be downloaded from https://dopdbtdelivery.in
Q3.Whether D-Cube App will without authorization.
No. D-Cube App requires authorization by Divisional Head. The beat details of Postmen are uploaded with user details and device details at Divisional Office using the email id of each Divisional Office.
Q4. Whether the substitute BPM or ABPM or GDS can be authorized to perform D-Cube transactions.
Yes. Substitute BPM/ABPM/GDS can be authorized to perform D-Cube transactions. For the purpose, the user and device details shall be modified against the beat in dopdbtdelivery.in.
Q5. What may be reason for the error ‘You are not authorized user’
The IMIE number of the mobile number has not been given properly. Aadhaar No. of the D-Cube user has not been updated correctly.
Q6. Whether D-Cube App aadhaar seeding work can be carried out once the software is installed at the divisions where the D-Cube Social Security Pension Withdrawal has not been introduced.
Yes. Provided the user and device authentication details have been uploaded in D-Cube Server at Hyderabad.
Q7. On updation of user and device details whether D-Cube withdrawals can be paid ?
No. Account details needs to be updated before one can perform D-Cube POSB withdrawal.
Q8. Whether D-Cube User is restricted to perform aadhaar seeding for the POSB accounts of his office only.
No. For any finacle POSB account the aadhaar seeding can be made anywhere in the division.
Q9. Whether consent on paper is required for D-Cube aadhaar seeding ?
No. Not at all. Since D-Cube Aadhaar seeding is based on the Aadhaar biometric authentication hard copy of the consent is not required.
Q10. Whether aadhaar seeding is only possible for POSB accounts of the social security pensioners ?
No. D-Cube Aadhaar seeding can be for all the POSB accounts irrespective of the fact that they are recipient of DBT into their POSB accounts or otherwise.
Q11. On Aadhaar Seeding whether all the other benefit such as Kisan Samman Yojana, Phasal BIma Yojana and any other DBT is going to be credited to same POSB account.
Yes. All the Aadhaar Based DBT credits are going to be credited to the aadhaar seeded account only. As such while obtaining the e-consent the depositor needs to be appraised of it properly.
Q12. Whether the DBT amount credited to POSB account on account of other Govt. schemes (other than Social Security Pension) can be paid to the depositor ?
D-Cube withdrawals can be given in the said account of social security pensioner.
Q13. Whether Aadhaar seeding of normal POSB account holder not receiving social security pension through DBT can be carried out ?
Yes. Every POSB account can be seeded with Aadhaar Number through D-Cube. There is no restriction. All the POSB accounts can be covered.
Q14. Some Divisions only Annexure-I and Annexure-II have been shared. Whether D-Cube withdrawal can be introduced
Yes provided Account balances (Last balance report) of all the offices in the Division are shared.
Q15. Some of the POSB accounts have not even linked with Aadhaar. Can we seed the aadhaar through D-Cube.
Yes. But if the CIF verification is pending the same shall be carried out immediately. If there are multiple POSB accounts are there these accounts CIF to be merged.
Q16. How can I confirm that the aadhaar seeding is completed..
D-Cube shows that the aadhaar seeding is completed successfully. The statistical information of aadhaar seeding office wise can be seen in mis.cept.gov.in. D-Cube Team has assured to provide the information on D-Cube Aadhaar seeding in dopdbtdelivery web portal itself.
Q17. Why the User master and device master has to be supplied for BOs and Departmental offices separately.
D-Cube ONLINE works for the users and devices mapped to Branch Offices D-Cube OFFLINE works for users and devices mapped to HOs / Sub-Post Offices. As such information has to be supplied separately.
Q18. Whether the IPPB / PMA mobile device withdrawn from any End User the details has to be updated ?
D-Cube user management and device management needs to be updated appropriately with the details of users and devices time to time. All the instances of withdrawal of mobile devices shall be updated by marking the user inactive. If the device is re-allocated to any other D-Cube user the details shall be updated in Device Management as well as user management invariably.
Q19. For BYOD Devices will the department supplies biometric devices.
Yes. For the BYOD devices supply of bio-metric devices shall be arranged by the Divisional Head in consultation with IPPB. A list of End Users in IPPB not even performed a single transaction has already been circulated. The biometric device available with these End Users may be supplied to BYOD End Users by maintaining the proper records. For the camp mode purpose additional biometric devices may be purchased if needed. However, proper use of these bio-metric devices shall be ensured.
Q20. Whether BYOD users will be eligible for refund of the mobile bill.
The BYOD devices used exclusively for Aadhaar seeding with good number of transactions may be considered for refund of mobile charges to encourage aadhaar seeding through BYOD devices. No. of aadhaar seeding performed will be criteria on such cases.
Q21. What is common in Annexure-I and Annexure-II for D-Cube implementation?
Mobile number in Annexure-I and Annexure-II shall match individually as well as total number of mobiles to be used for D-Cube implementation.
Q22. Whether information on IPPB / PMA / BYOD devices to be updated in the Annexure?
Yes. This information may be provided in a separate coloumn.
Q23. Whether BPM/ABPM/GDS on stop-gap can be authorized for D-Cube Transactions including Aadhaar Seeding.
Yes. However, Head of the Division has to authorize. Proper care shall be taken to de-activate them whenever the period of stop gap arrangement is terminated.

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