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IPPB Municipal Tax Challan Collection Charges | IPPB BBPS (Bill Payments Services) for Municipal Tax Collection Charges (Price/Rate)

Directorate of Municipal Administration(DMA), was established in Karnataka to oversee the affairs of the City Corporations and Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) of the State except Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP). At present there are 10 City Corporations, 59 City Municipal Councils, 116 Town Municipal Councils and 97 Town Panchayats in the state of Karnataka, which coming under the purview of DMA. DMA is collecting various Municipal taxes / other levies like Trade license charges ranging from individuals to corporates based on the ownership of the residential and commercial properties through 330 ULBs (Urban Local Bodies). DMA has been enabled as Biller in BBPS through other banks, the role of IPPB shall be limited to facilitation of Tax Challan Collection through its delivery channel at Co-located access points.

Download IPPB Municipal Tax Challan Collection Charges Rate in PDF

IPPB Channels Enabled

IPPB shall be providing the services through end users (Postman / GDS channel) who has been

equipped with the smartphone devices (Micro ATM/ MATM) to facilitate Challan Collection through Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) services. The access points activated for the engagement shall be Head Post Offices (HOs) Sub division Post Offices (50s) and Branch Post Offices (BOs).

Modes of Collection

IPPB shall be facilitating the DMA Tax Challan collection services either in Cash or Debit to IPPB account modes at its access points through Postman / GDS channel.

Scope of Work

* IPPB shall facilitate DMA Tax Challan collection to the walk-in non-IPPB / IPPB Customers(Tax assesse) along with the DMA Tax Challan Number. The ULBs Coordinators shall be directing the Tax assessees, to pay the DMA Tax Challans at the nearest co-located Post offices. The detailed process flow for collection the Challan payment has been explained in Annexure — 1.

* The BBPS Dashboard accessible in SAS shall be diligently utilised by branch in case of discrepancy / reconciliation at day end by Post offices. The MIS format and procedure to retrieve the same has been explained in Annexure — 2.

* Branches should refrain from sharing the Challan Collections details (BBPS Dashboard) with ULBs.

* The cash collected from the non IPPB / IPPB customer shall be handled similar to the Cash Deposit transaction done by the end user (Postman / GDS) in the existing setup. The cash has to be handed over to the Post Office counter by the end user at end of day on a daily basis.

* IPPB shall be charging Customer Convenience Fee(CCF) for Municipal Tax Collection to the customer as given below 


IPPB Municipal Tax Challan Value

CCF for Cash Mode (Inclusive of GST)

CCF for Debit to IPPB  Account (Inclusive of GST)


Less than Rs.1000/-

Rs.10 / txn

Rs.5 /txn


Rs.1001/- to Rs.2000/-

Rs.15 / txn

Rs.7.5 /txn


Rs.2001/- to Rs.4000/-

Rs.25 / txn

Rs.12.5 /txn


Rs.4001/- to Rs.10000/-

Rs.29 / txn

Rs. 14.5 /txn

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