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IPPB Municipal Services Bill Collection Procedure (Process) through Micro Atm | IPPB Municipal Bill Payments Services

IPPB Micro ATM Process Flow for Karnataka Muncipal Bill Collection (Tax Challan Collection) Services:

Download IPPB Municipal bill Payments Micro ATM Procedure in PDF

Step 1: The End user has to select "Bill Payment” icon with BBPS logo in the main menu, as highlighted below.

Step 2 : End user has to select either of the Options “Cash” or “IPPB Account” to receive the Challan Payment.

Step 3:

3.1 Please enter Mobile Number details in case of “Cash” option.

3.2 Please enter Aadhaar details / Mobile Number / Account number in case of "IPPB Account” option.

Step 4 : Post validation of the Mobile Number / IPPB Account through OTP Authentication, please select “Municipal Services".

4.1 Select State Name as “Karnataka” as mentioned below.

Step 5: Please select “Directorate of Municipal Administration, Karnataka"

Step 6: Please enter “Challan Number”, as given below and press "Fetch Bill" to proceed ahead. 

Step 7 : Challan details along with the Customer Name and Amount will be displayed. Upon confirmation of the details with the Customer, end user shall proceed ahead with the Challan Collection.

7.1 In case, Payment has been already made against the “Challan Number”, error message “Payment received for the billing period - no bill due” shall be displayed as given below.

Step 8 : Due amount to be collected against Challan number, shall be displayed along with the Transaction charges. Proceed ahead by selecting "Pay Now” button.

Step 9: Post successful completion of transaction, Transaction Successful details shall be display with the Challan Number, Paid Amount, Transaction Date & Time and Reference Number,

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