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Submission of (MRCs) Medical Reimbursement Claims by CGHS Pensioner beneficiaries in the city

Subject: Submission of Medical Reimbursement Claims (MRCs) by CGHS Pensioner beneficiaries in the city, wherein the treatment was taken -regarding

Download CGHS Pensioners submission of Medical Reimbursement Claims (MRCS) in PDF

F No Z 15025/2/2023/DIR/CGHS Govt. of India Min. of Health & Family Welfare Department of Health & Family Welfare Directorate General of CGHS RK Puram - Sector-13 New Delhi Dated the 8th May, 2023 OFFICE MEMORANDUM

The undersigned is directed to convey the approval of Competent Authority to state that CGHS pensioner beneficiaries(principal card holders) are now permitted to submit Medical Reimbursement Claims (MRCs) to CGHS of city , where the treatment was taken. The MRCs may be submitted to CGHS Wellness Centre / Additional Director, CGHS of city / Additional Director of concerned Zone in Delhi, as the case may be.

2. However, the option to submit the MRC at the CGHS Wellness Centre , where the card is registered shall remain unchanged. 

3. The concerned Additional Director shall generate MRC ID number, process MRCs as per CGHS rates and guidelines to make reimbursement from the CGHS city , where the MRCs have been submitted, within specified 30 days, when no special approvals are involved. Additional Directors, CGHS shall bring the contents of this order to the notice of the CMOs in charge in the meetings and ensure strict compliance with the instructions.

4. The Additional Directors shall also bring the contents of the order to the notice of Members of Local Advisory Committees and Zonal Advisory Committees.

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