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PTL Double BOOSTER DHAMAKA week - IPPB conducting PTL (Premium Thalaiva League) during 13th to 18th March 2023

Subject: IPPB PTL DOUBLE Booster Dhamaka (13-18th March, 2023, 6-day drive).

No. PB-06/3/2022-PBI-DOP

(PBI Division)

Dated 11 March 2023

I am directed to state that to aid in the qualification of the potential winners, India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) will be launching a “PTL Double BOOSTER DHAMAKA week” wherein any Premium KHATA performances of the Circles/ Region/ Division/ Branches will get an EXTRA 100% Khata credit i.e. there is no target KHATAs being proposed, reason so that the business units have the golden opportunity to improve their own performances and stand a very good chance for PTL campaign qualifications in the various R&R categories.

2. The “PTL Double BOOSTER DHAMAKA week” is proposed to be conducted during 13-18 March 2023 period and the extra 100% Booster credits will only be applicable for the ongoing “Premium THALAIVA League” campaign qualifications for the Circle/ Region/ Division/ Branch levels, only.

3. PTL DOUBLE Booster Defined : Suppose a business unit sources/ upgrades (both counted) 1 lakh PREMIUM KHATAs during the said 6-day period cumulatively, the PTL performance for the said period will be counted as 2 lakh Premium KHATASs (i.e. an extra booster of 1 lakh Premium KHATAs).

This booster will aid in the PTL reward categories like “Absolute Achievement”/ “Percentage target KHATA achievement”. This booster will only be applicable for the PTL campaign overall target achievement and only for the defined categories (Circle/ Region/ Division/ Branch). No end user will get any extra booster credits at their level.

4. In view of the above, HoCs are requested to take necessary measures to tap maximum business and make PTL Double BOOSTER DHAMAKA week 6- days during 13-18 March 2023 successful.

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