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PARCEL (MCQ) Quiz Questions and Answers | Business Parcel, Speed Post Parcel, ITPS (International Tracked Packet Service) MCQ, One Liners Set (91)

Postal Parcel MCQ,Quiz Questions and Answers, One Liners. Post Office Quiz/MCQ on Business Parcel,Speed Post Parcel, International Tracked Packet Service (ITPS), One Liners. MCQs for IPO Exam 2023, Multiple choice questions and answers (MCQs) on Post Office Parcel COD Service.  PS Group B Exam MCQ. MCQ. SOP, Short Notes, PPT, PDF, Quiz,Online Test, Mock Test, Previous Questions and Answers, Solved Papers, Online Test. Best Questions on Postal Circulars. Useful for Postal Exams/LDCE IPO Exam/PS Group B Exam/LGO Exams/GDS to Postman/MTS/Mail Gaurd/PA/SA Exams in postal department.

Q1. In website of India Post, various facilities for eCommerce/ bulk customers are mentioned in the option of:
Business and Ecommerce
Q2. In BNPL service, the contractual customer is offered credit for
One Month
Q3. For contractual customer, DoP offers COD facility upto
Rs. 50000/-
Q4. Depending upon the various slabs of monthly business, DoP offers discount to the corporate customers upto,
Q5.What is the validity period for new address noted in Book of Addresses’ Instruction?
3 years
Q6. What is the additional charge for facility to authorize some other person to receive the parcel on behalf of the addressee?
Free of Cost
Q7. What is the additional charge to avail Redirection facility beyond jurisdiction of Delivery Post Office for parcel ?
50% of ordinary Postage
Q8. The full form of UPU is Universal Postal Union is,
Universal Postal Union
Q9. What is the maximum weight limit for an International Air parcel,
Generally 20 KGs, but depends upon rules set by concerned destination country
Q10. What is the provision for compensation for delayed delivery of a Speed post parcel ?
Refund the Speed Post Charges
Q11. What are the charges for speed post parcel of 45 Gms., other than local ?
Rs.35/- +GST
Q12. How much discount may be offered to a walk in speed post customer for speed post business of rupees one lakh twenty thousand, in a day?
10 %
Q13. What is the provision for compensation for loss of Speed post parcel ?
Rs.1000 or Double the Speed Post Charges whichever is less
Q14. What a corporate customer receives in eMail after registering basic details?
User ID, Customer ID and One Time Password
Q15. Where is the Sign In option to create user is located on India Post website?
On Top left portion of Homepage
Q16. Insurance charges for a parcel of 200 Rs, are,
Rs. 10/-
Q17. In case of damage of an insured parcel, the compensation will be
Insured amount or actual value of the parcel whichever is less
Q18. A parcel can be insured for maximum amount of,
Rs 100000/-
Q19. Full form of EMS is _______________________
Express Mail Service
Q20. If, monthly international EMS revenue is above Rs. 50,00,000/-, discount at the rate _____ can be offered.
Q21. Compensation to be paid in case of delay of an international speed post parcel is,
Difference between charges of speed post and registered post
Q22. ITPS facility is available for,
Countries of Asia Pacific Region
Q23. In case of receipt of a torn or damaged COD parcel, it is advised to customer to_________ the parcel.
Q24. In ITPS, a message sent to destination operator by the dispatch operator for prior information is called,
Q25. How will the sender know the number of parcels for which he has not received COD payment yet ?
He can log in Indiapost web portal with his credentials and get the details
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