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GDS Online Rule 3 Transfer 2023 | CEPT Rule 3 GDS online transfer Portal (website)- Schedule for Preparatory exercise 2023

Subject: Rule 3 GDS online transfer Notification 2023 - Schedule for Preparatory exercise regarding

GDS Rule3 Online Transfer 2023 in PDF

No 17.31/2016.GDS

(GDS Section)


Dated 07.02.2023

In respect of the limited transfer facilities to the GDS, it has been decided by the competent authority that the on-request transfers of the GDS would be carried out ona quarterly basis.

2. The first cycle of online transfer was carried out in the month of December 2022. However, due to Paucity of time and keeping in view the timelines for issuance of notification of vacancies of GDS in respect of Schedule-I (January-2023), it was decided to run the first Cycle of Rule-3 transfer without updation of the master establishment and GDS data by the Divisions. Since no time lines were prescribed earlier for updation/verification of the establishment and GDS data as a whole, Circles/Divisions are now required to update the master data thereof in the Rule-3 transfer Portal using their existing login credentials.

3. The next cycle for online transfer is being planned in the first week of March, 2023. For this Purpose, a onetime window would be opened from today onwards till 15th of February, 2023. Since, the updation of the establishment data is a continuous process, it has also been decided that a window would be opened by the CEPT for a limited period. In this respect, following schedule has been approved by the competent authority: 


GDS Rule 3 Schedule for preparatory exercise

Sl No

GDS Rule 3 Activities 2023

Timeline for Divisions/Circles


Verification/updation of Establishment Master data of GDSs by Division [as one-time exercise]

07.02.2023 to 15.02.2023


Updation of Master data of GDS [Every month]

1st to 05th of every month

4. Importance of the excercise may be brought to the notice of all concerned as the establishment and GDS (Employee) data would be used  for various other activities pertaining to GDS, i.e Transfer, engagement and other policy decisions. Therefore, Divisions/Circles are  required to carry the excercise with due diligence and would be responsible for the correctness of data being updated/verified

5. I am, therefore, directed to request you to ensure updation/verification of Establishment and GDS Data in the Rule 3 Transfer Portal by Divisions within the above time lines to initiate and smoothly carry out online transfers of the GDS from time to time.

CEPT Mysuru with request to take necessary action to open Window as per approved schedule for updation of establishment and GDS (Employees) data in the Rule 3 Transfer Portal for Divisions.

CEPT, Hyderabad Unit -for information and necessary action.

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