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GDS Online Engagement 2023 Results Date Addendum | Result of GDS Online engagement 2023 may be declared on 03.03.2023

Subject: Online engagement of GDS - limited facility/access for extra two days for correction in online applications. Result of India post GDS Online engagement 2023 Schedule-I of 2023 (January) may be declared on 03.03.2023 in one-go.

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Dated: 22.02.2023

Addendum to Notification dated : 27.01.2023

Attention of all concerned is hereby invited to the notification dated 27.01.2023, whereby online applications were called for from the eligible applicants for engagement as Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS).

2. As per the schedule, the activities for registration/application submission were carried from 27.01.2023 to 16.02.2023. However, after start of the said process, certain modifications had to be carried out by the Department in the GDS Engagement Portal on different dates to make provision to configure some Educational Boards of four states based on different years of passing, as per list enclosed.

3. Since, the said educational boards (as referred to in para 2 above) with correct configuration of years of passing were not available for selection at the time of filling the online application from the starting date of the submission of online application process, there may be a chance of error on the part of candidates in selection of correct board and filling up the other details relating to the subjects studied, marks/grades obtained etc.

4. In order to provide fair chance to such candidates, it has been decided to open a 2 days window from 25.02.2023 to 26.02.2023, for review of their online applications and with the option to edit the Education Board, subjects, marks, grades etc. if not correctly filled up earlier. This limited facility/access for modification during the said two days window would be available only for the candidates who had filled up their applications selecting any of the educational boards as per the list referred to in para 2 above. The candidates would, however, not be able to make any correction in the other data (i.e. (i) Name (ii) Father's Name (iii) Aadhar (iv) Whether employed (v) Whether NOC available (vi) Present address (viii) Permanent address), for which one time edit/correction window raras already provided from 17.02.2023 to 19.02.2023. The candidates, who are eligible to modify applications to the above extent, are also being informed separately through registered SMS/Email.

5. The latest application will be treated as final and the merit list will be prepared based on the details mentioned in last modifir:d online application.

No. 17-21/2022-GDS

(GDS Section)

Dated'. 22.02.2023

Subject: Online engagement of GDS Schedule-I (January), 2023 Edit/Correction window to applicants of 20 Boards in 04 Circles and

declaration of result of GDS vacancies notified on 27.01.2023.


Please refer to your office email dated 21.02.2023 on the above noted subject.

2. The matter has been examined and the Competent Authority has approved the following course of action :-

(i) To develop a solution for providing 2 days extra window to the candidates, who had submitted their applications selecting any of the 20 Boards referred in your email in 4 Circles (i.e Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra) for review/one time editing the education board, subjects, marks, grades etc. to be deployed by 24.02.2023.

(ii) The concerned applicants of above referred Education Boards may also be informed by CEPT on their registered email/through sms about 02 days window for correction in the Education Board and refilling the subjects/marks etc. as per the following text:-

"Dear Candidate <Regd No> as your board of applying <Board Name>has undergone modifications/New Board Addition, yoy have been permitted to review and EdiVCorrect your Data in respect of Board

selection/ Subjects Selection , Marks/grade/Points/GPA,/CGPA updations for a period of two davs from <datel> to <date2> through portal"

(iii) To open the said extra 2 days window from 25.02.2023 to 26,02.2023 for applicants.

(iv) Result of GDS Online engagement 2023 Schedule-I of 2023 (January) may be declared on 03.03.2023 in one-go.

(v) In this regard a copy of the addendum to notification issued on 27.01.2023 (copy enclosed) may be uploaded on the GDS online portal with provision of hyperlinking of the same at appropriate places on the GDS engagement portal.

3. This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority.

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