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Onboarding of Training Institutions to NSCSTI (National Standards for Civil Service Training Institution) web portal by CBC (Capacity Building Commission)

File No. T-16017/57/2020-iGOT-I (Part l)

Dated : 15th November, 2022


Subject: Onboarding of all Training Institutions under the Ministries/Departments, involved in civil service capacity building, on to the NSCSTI Web portal created by CBC for accreditation of training institutions. 

Download DOPT OM for onboarding Training Institutions to NSCTI web portal in PDF

The undersigned is directed to say that the Capacity Building Commission (CBC) has been mandated to evolve a de-siloed approach and build shared resources for capacity enhancement of Civil Services, facilitate preparation of Annual Capacity Building Plans of Departments/Ministries, coordinate with Training Institutes to carry out research on pedagogy, competency framework etc, and exercise functional supervision over all Institutions engaged in imparting training to civil servants, for purposes of adherence to and achievements of Annual Capacity Building Plans and to create an eco-system of shared learning resources, including shared internal and external faculty.

2. In pursuance of its mandate, CBC has developed and rolled out the National Standards for Civil Service Training Institution (NSCSTI), an accreditation framework for training institutions involved in civil service capacity building including Central Training Institutions (CTIs), State level administrative training institutions and other institutions attached to and funded by various Ministries/Departments of Government of India. The NSCSTI portal is accessible through the CBC web-site - cbc.gov.in or at the web-link - https://www.nscsti.org/.

3. The registration and review of all Central Training Institutes engaged in imparting training to civil servants through this portal would facilitatethe identification of different strength areas at various training institutions and help fulfil the mandate of CBC and ultimately facilitate the achievement of the goal envisaged under the National Civil Services Capacity Building Programme (NCSCBP) - Mission Karmayogi.

4. In view of the above, the undersigned is directed to request all the Ministries and Departments to take the following action -

(a) appropriate steps may be taken by each Ministry / Department to urgently onboard the training institutions under their administrative control, on to the NSCSTI portal available on CBC's website (cbc.gov.in), to facilitate their assessment and accreditation.

(b) no new training institution may be formed in any Ministry/Department without first engaging with the CBC and obtaining its inputs.

(c) Every training institute engaged in imparting training to civil servants may also be directed to go through and sign up for the accreditation at the NSCSTI portal,as a condition for any increase in their funding.

5. The Ministries/Departments may contact the Capacity Building Commission for any clarification and support on the above issues.

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