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    APS PLI Policy issues Handling | Handling of various issues/service requests raised i/c/w APS PLI policies related to Defence Personnel and procedure for settlement

    F.no. 29-02/APS/2017-LI(Part III) Dated: 16.11.2022

    Sub: Handling of various issues/service requests raised in connection with APS-policies related to Defence Personnel and procedure for settlement.

    Download APS (Army Postal Service) PLI Policies Handling in PDF

    This is regarding handling of various types of issues/ service requests being received in respect of APS PLI policies related to defence personnel which were earlier dealt with APS Directorate and were subsequently transferred to mapped CPC in different circles by APS Directorate.

    2. PLI Directorate as well as Circles are frequently receiving references from defence personnel for settlement of their claims/grievances with respect to their APS policies and as Civil CPC/Mapped CPCs are handling such type of issues for the first time, they must be facing constraints while settling these issues received from defence personnel for their APS PLI policies.

    3. In order to streamline the process of handling such cases, a process has been devised (Annexure I) taking into consideration different possible scenarios being raised in APS policies related to defence personnel by policy holders and is being shared with Circles for further circulation among all the officials concerned up to the level of CPC with the instruction to follow the same in spirit. Further, if any difficulty/arises, CPCs may approach the APS help desk which is functioning to help the civil CPC in such cases. Helpdesk details may also be shared with all CPC.

    Annexure I:Procedure to be adopted in aforesaid cases.

    Annexure II: Proforma of Discontinuation Notice (Refer para 1 of Annexure I)

    Annexure III: PLI Dte. letter No. 29-29/2015-LI (part) dated12.03.2019 (refer para 7 of Annexure I)

    Annexure IV: Procedure followed by APS directorate (refer para 8 of Annexure I)

    Copy for information and necessary action to APS Directorate: to extend necessary help to civil CPC if the issue is related to NIC data and master data.

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