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Reconciliation of outstanding balances in CBS Finacle POSB / Savings Certificates (POSC) Schemes | e-Lekha used by PAO (Postal Account Office)

 F. No. FS-10/57/2022-FS-DOP

(F.S. Division)

Date: 20-09-2022

Subject: Reconciliation of outstanding balances in POSB / Savings Certificates Schemes — Reg.

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This has the reference to Directorate Lr. No. 25-31/2017-FS-CBS dated 28.03.2018 and various reminders issued in connection with the verification of data migrated to CBS Finacle system.

2. It has been observed that outstanding balances in various SB and SC schemes available in Finacle and that of as per the Central Check Register (CCR) being maintained by the Postal Accounts Offices do not tally with each other, which has come to the light in various forums.

3. Hence, the Circles shall form a team consisting of officials from Postal Accounts Office and Post Offices for reconciliation of differences in outstanding balances and the team shall perform the following activities.

i) Re-conciliation of Interest Booked data at DAP.

a) Compare the Annual Interest Statement figures of SB / PPF / SSA / NSS-87 /NSS-92 in each year since 2011 for each HO with Interest booked by PAO in e-Lekha.

(ii)  Re-conciliation of migrated data

 a). Compare Balance of SB-63/SB-85 Register available at SBCO (Office-wise/Scheme-wise) with Sanchay Post live data migrated to Finacle / T-Recon Report (Load Layer Report).

b). Compare Balance of Statistical Register (as a whole) scheme-wise with Sanchay Post live data migrated to Finacle.

c). After reconciliation of SBCO Office-wise/Statistical Register with Sanchay Post live data migrated to Finacle, the HO wise balance is to be tallied with balance available with PAO (e-Lekha balance) concerned. 

(iii). Re-conciliation of CBS transaction data

(a). Before GL Integration between CBS-CSI

1 Compare POSB transaction data HO (HO/SO) for each month with the e-Lekha booked figure.

2 Since date of migration to CBS and CSI, circles have to cross check the POSB transaction monthly-data in Finacle, CSI and e-Lekha. Prior to roll-out of CSI, the transaction monthly data in Finacle and e-Lekha are to be cross-checked.

Note: - In case of partial migration under a HO during the period, non-CBS figure is to be included with CBS data for cross checking.

(b). After GL Integration between CBS-CSI.

1 Compare POSB-CBS transaction data with CSI data and e-Lekha booked figure HO (HO/SO) wise for each month.

(vi). Reconciliation of Savings Certificate Data

(a). Pairing of Savings Certificates at PAO is to be done up to date in PATRAM.

(b). Compare the certificates issued and discharged in PATRAM with the Finacle live certificates data.

4. Circles shall submit a report in the following format attached as Annexure — A duly attested by the Heads of Postal Accounts Offices.

5. All the above reconciliation activities and submission of report should be completed by 6 October 2022.

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