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    Updated CCS Leave Rules 1972 in PDF | DOPT Updated CCS Leave Rules 1972 up to 19.09.2022 | Download New CCS Leave Rules in PDF

    CENTRAL CIVIL SERVICES (CCS) LEAVE RULES 1972 updated up to 19.09.2022 by DOPT.

    Download Updated CCS Leave Rules 1972 in PDF

    CHAPTER I- Preliminary 1. Short title and commencement 

    (1) These rules may be called the Central Civil Services (Leave)Rules, 1972. 

    (2) They shall come into force on the 1st day of June, 1972. 

    2. Extent of application Save as otherwise provided in these rules, these rules shall apply to Government servants appointed to the civil services and posts in connection with the affairs of the Union, but shall not apply to- 

    (a) Railway servants; 

    (b) persons in casual or daily-rated or part-time employment; 

    (c) persons paid from contingencies; 

    (d) workmen employed in industrial establishments; 

    (e) persons employed in work-charged establishments; 

    (f) members of the All India Services; 

    (g) persons locally recruited for service in Diplomatic, Consular or other Indian establishments in foreign countries; 

    (h) persons employed on contract except when the contract provides otherwise; 

    (i) persons in respect of whom special provisions have been made by or under the provisions of the Constitution or any other law for the time being in force;

     (j) persons governed, for purposes of leave, by the Fundamental Rules or the Civil Service Regulations; 

    (k) persons serving under a Central Government Department, ondeputation from a State Government or any other source, for a limited duration. 

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