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    Filing of MA (Miscellaneous Application) before Hon'ble CAT (Central Administrative Tribunal) regarding AAO vacant posts of 2018

    Court Matter / Most Urgent

    Postal Accounts Wing, Dak Bhawan

    No. 303(3)/2021/PA Legal/ 648 21 Sep 2022

    Sub : Filing of MA before Hon'ble CAT regarding AAO vacant posts of 2018.

    This is regarding the cases of vacancies of AAO cadre for the year 2018 (Apr 2018 to Dec 2018), which were included in LDCE-2022 vacancies. In this connection Hon’ble CAT Patna has pronounced order dated 05/09/2022 dismissing the OAs No. 289/2021 and 292/2021 filed by Shri Amit Kumar Singh and Shri Kishore Kumar & Ors respectively.

    It is requested that MA may be filed before the Hon’ble CAT to dispose off such type of cases (i.e. Vacancies for 2018, included in LDCE- 2022), in which cases applicant/applicants have filed OA demanding the vacancies of 2018 (vacancies of April 2018 to December 2018) to be added with the vacancies declared vide notification of LDCE 2018. As mentioned in the first para, the Hon’ble CAT, Patna vide order dated 05/09/2022 has dismissed the OAs in such cases.

    This is issued with the approval of Competent Authority.

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