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Disbursal of social security pensions (SSP) through POSB DBT transfer (ABP - Aadhar Based Payments) mode in place of existing eMO mode

 No FS-SSP002/1/2022-FS/Part2 dated at Bengaluru- 560 001 the 07.09.2022

Sub: Change in Mode of disbursal of Social Security Pension from existing eMO to POSB

Ref: DSSP, Gok letter No. DSSP/MISC/56/2022 dated 23-8-2022.

This is regarding disbursal of social security pensions through POSB DBT transfer mode in place of existing eMO mode for 1.51 Lakh beneficiaries. In continuation to the discussions during virtual meeting held today (06-09-2022) at 10:00 Hours, your kind reference is invited to Director of Social Security pension (SSP)Government of Karnataka letter cited, wherein instructions are issued to District Collectors, Tahsildars and other concerned State Government Authorities stating that the existing mode of disbursing social security pensions through eMO are to be discontinued from 15-09-2022 and necessary action to be taken in this regard.

As per DSSP, 1.51 lakh beneficiaries are still receiving social security pensions through eMOs. Instructions from this office were issued regularly since the proposal of discontinuation of disbursal of social security pensions  through eMO mode received from State Government. Division and office-wise pendency is made available in Karnatakapost web portal. All offices are to be instructed to ensure conversion of these eMOs in to POSB accounts and account details to be updated in the web portal for sharing of the same to DSSP.

The provision for updation in web portal will be stopped with effect from 16.09.2022 since eMOs will no longer be booked for pension beneficiaries from DSSP since it is mentioned in the letter cited that the pension will be temporarily terminated for beneficiaries without Post office / Bank account linked to their SSP ID. Apart from discontinuation of existing eMO mode, the present Account-based DBT is proposed to be converted into Aadhar-based DBT(ABP) credit after 15-09-2022.

Discussions held in meeting with Commissioner of Treasuries, GoK on the subject dated 05.09.2022 revealed that the testing of Aadhar-based credits for all 75 lakh pension beneficiaries is proposed to be carried out during the first week of October 2022. This necessitates the post offices to accelerate Aadhar seeding to POSB accounts since in ABP mode, the Bank/POSB account to which Aadhar stands seeded, gets the pension credits.

At present there are more than 80 Lakh POSB accounts in the circle, out of which only 7 lakh accounts are Aadhar-seeded, which is approximately 8.5%. There are more than 30 Lakh social security pension beneficiaries, who are receiving pensions through POSB account, if Aadhar-based pension credit is implemented, most of these accounts will be dysfunctional since many beneficiaries might have seeded their Aadhar to other bank accounts.

Since this will affect the revenue generation of the circle in a big way, all the Staff at cutting-edge level such as Counter PAs, Postman, BPM/ABPMs and GDS may be sensitized about the concern and following instructions may be issued to be followed immediately:

a) All the beneficiaries who visit the post office to withdraw social security pension amount may be enlightened about the DSSP instructions and request to Aadhar-seed their POSB account immediately.

b) All the beneficiaries receiving Social security pension through eMO shall be identified and POSB account may be opened with Aadhar seeding by enlightening about the DSSP instructions.

c) DSSP instructions may be displayed in the notice boards at Post Offices.

d) Divisional team to coordinate with district administration and actively involve themselves in campaigns for completion of account opening and Aadhar seeding activities by 15.09.2022.

Daily monitoring at Sub-Divisional/Divisional/Regional level may be caused, so that the remaining eligible beneficiaries of Social security pensioners are retained at DoP and existing POSB accounts will continue with POSB as live accounts. It is also requested to get the daily progress made and cause submission of report by 12-09-2022.

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