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    GDS To MTS, Postman, Mail Guard Exam Mock Test | LDCE Common Exam GDS to MTS, Postman, Mail Guard Online Quiz, Mock Test No -01

    GDS To MTS, Postman, Mail Guard Exam Mock Test. LDCE Common Exam GDS to MTS, Postman, Mail Guard Online Quiz, Mock Tests, Multiple Choice Questions and Answers.

    1. Which one of the following is not duty of Head Postman?

    A Conveying of Money

    B Take out for delivery articles that have been returned by other postmen as unclaimed or refused

    C Carrying Mails on daily basis to the beats

    D Enquiries into minor complaints

    ANSWER - C


    2. Full form of PSD in connection with RMFS

    A Postal Stored Depot

    B Postal Security Device

    C Postal Secure Device

    D Postal Secure Drive

    ANSWER - C


    3. Which one of the following is supplied with Every Postman?

    A Postal Manual Vol 2

    B PO Pocket Guide

    C CCS Conduct Rules, 1964

    D RTI Book

    ANSWER - B


    4. On return to the office, a postman should obtain the initials of the Postal Assistants concerned or the treasurer, on which book?

    A Delivery Slip

    B PO Pocket Guide

    C Postman Book

    D Hand to Hand Book

    ANSWER - C


    5. In case of damaged or opened articles, the Postman should bring it to the notice of ______?

    A Delivery Assistant

    B Postmaster

    C Treasurer

    D Superintendent of Posts

    ANSWER - B


    6. What is the aggregate value of insured/VP/COD/Banking/MO/IPPB Amount that may be made over at one time to a single postman for delivery?

    A 10000

    B 5000

    C 20000

    D 40000

    ANSWER - D


    7. If the addressee refuses to sign an acknowledgment, but merely signs the receipt, what action has to be taken by the Postman?

    A Article can not be delivered.

    B The article should be delivered and a remark regarding the refusal should be written on the acknowledgment

    C Report the fact to the Postmaster and return the article.

    D None of the above

    ANSWER - B


    8. How the insured articles addressed to minors will be delivered?

    A Care Taker

    B Authorised Person

    C Should always delivered to minor in the presence of the person in whose care he may be living

    D Guardian

    ANSWER - C


    9. In the case of an unclaimed or refused eMO, which is repaid to the remitter, where to take the signature?

    A Voucher only

    B Receipt and Acknowlwdgement

    C Acknowledgement only

    D Only receipt

    ANSWER - D


    10. If any unnecessary delay occurs in the payment by the addressee, for the charges recoverable on an article, what has to be done by the Postman?

    A Wait for the amount.

    B Give the changes to the addressee

    C The postman is authorised to take the article back to the post office

    D None of the above

    ANSWER - C


    11. Book of receipts for intimations and notices delivered contains _____

    A Intimations relating to insured articles

    B Intimations relating to V.P. articles exceeding Rs.500/- in value

    C Intimations relating to parcels weighing above 10 Kgs

    D All the above

    ANSWER - D


    12. A Postal Article can be redirected at the office of ______

    A Transit

    B Booking office

    C RMS Office

    D To which it is addressed

    ANSWER - D


    13. Every set is not supplied with the following stamps and seals

    A Date stamp

    B Round MO stamp

    C Name stamp

    D Date -seal

    ANSWER - B


    14. Which one of the following item does not belongs Portfolio?

    A Pen knife

    B Jute twine

    C Order Book

    D Duster

    ANSWER - B


    15. Who will issue the stationery rate list?

    A Inspector Post

    B Head Record Officer

    C Superintendent

    D Head Sorting Assistant

    ANSWER - C


    16. Who is required to submit the daily report to Superintendent?

    A Record Officer

    B Mail Agent

    C Head Sorting Assistant

    D Sorting Assistant

    ANSWER - C


    17. Daily reports should be written on the basis of which book?

    A Hand to Hand Book

    B Error Book

    C Order Book

    D Rough Note Book

    ANSWER - D


    18. Receipt side of the mail abstract contains

    A The number of due mails due to be received

    B The number of unusual mails received

    C The bags opened by the section or office

    D All the above

    ANSWER - D


    19. While exchanging of mails, Mail Guard/Mail Agent should do______

    A First make over the bags for dispatch

    B Then take delivery of those of the office

    C Only option (A) is correct

    D Both (A) and (B) are correct

    ANSWER - D


    20. In Sorting Mail Office, Transit bag must be closed and sealed in whose presence?

    A Mail Agent

    B Sorting Assistant

    C Head Sorting Assistant

    D Registation Assistant

    ANSWER - C


    21. B Orders should be copied into?

    A Guard Book

    B Guidance Book

    C Order Book

    D Error Book

    ANSWER - B


    22. A Orders are related to ?

    A Guidance to subordinate

    B Inspections

    C Changes in sorting lists

    D None of the above

    ANSWER - C


    23. Articles addressed to deceased persons are ordinarily dealt with in the same manner as___-

    A Unclaimed articles

    B Refused aricles

    C Addressee not found articles

    D Door locked articles

    ANSWER - A


    24. Loan facility is not available in the following policies

    A Endowment Assurance

    B Whole Life Assurance

    C Anticipated Endowment Assurance

    D Yugal Suraksha

    ANSWER - C


    25. What is the minimum months advance has be deposited to get rebate in RPLI Policies?

    A 3 Months

    B 6 Months

    C 12 Months

    D 4 Months

    ANSWER - A


    26. What is the maximum amount of loan available in PLI/RPLI?

    A 50% of Surrender value

    B 60% of Surrender value

    C 100% of Surrender value

    D 90% of Surrender value

    ANSWER - D


    27. What is the maximum weight of an unregistered parcel?

    A 20 KG

    B 4 KG

    C 5 KG

    D 10 KG

    ANSWER - B


    28. In which of the following cases new registration required for Registered News Paper?

    A Title of the news paper is changed

    B Place of Publication is changed

    C Ownership of the news paper is transferred

    D All the above

    ANSWER - D


    29. What is the maximum weight of an Inland Letter Card

    A 5 Grams

    B 3 Grams

    C 10 Grams

    D 20 Grams

    ANSWER - A


    30. Railway Mail Service means the service responsible for the carriage of mails by ___________

    A Rail

    B Road

    C Air

    D All the above

    ANSWER - D


    31. First Class Head Offices under the control and supervision of

    A Group B Officer

    B Senior Time Scale Officer

    C Junior Time Scale Office

    D HSG Postmaster

    ANSWER - B


    32. RLO is established at

    A Head quarter of Region

    B Head quarter of Division

    C Head quarter RMS Division

    D Head quarter of Circle

    ANSWER - D


    33. In which office, only work of customs examination, assessment and accounting of customs duty is carried out?

    A Office of Exchange of transit

    B Office of Exchange

    C Sub-Foreign Post Office

    D Sorting Office

    ANSWER - C


    34. Which one of The following office is only deal with closed bags?

    A Sorting Mail Offices

    B Transit Mail Offices

    C Post Offices

    D Press Sorting Office

    ANSWER - B


    35. Who is responsible for Procurement, Distribution, repair and auction of bags?

    A Circle Bag Office

    B Central Bag Office

    C District Bag Office

    D Circle Office

    ANSWER - A


    36. which one of the following is not a due bag?

    A Mail Bag

    B Parcel Bag

    C Transit Bag

    D Account Bag

    ANSWER - B


    37. In the following what are the articles can be delivered through Post Box?

    A Articles addressed to legitimate personnel of a firm renting Post Box

    B Articles addressed to Family members and guests of renter

    C Articles addressed to trainees and inmates of an institution

    D All the above

    ANSWER - D


    38. Period of rental of a Post Box commences from_______

    A From the date of application

    B First day of the month in which post box is allotted

    C From the date of allotment

    D First day of the next month in which Post Box allotted

    ANSWER - B


    39. How many times a TD account can be extended after maturity?

    A Once

    B Twice

    C Cannot be extended

    D Five Times

    ANSWER - B


    40. MIS account can't be closed prematurely before______-

    A One year

    B Three months

    C Six months

    D Two years

    ANSWER - A


    41. In which if the following cases an NSC Account can be closed prematurely

    A On the death of a single account, or all the account holders in a joint account

    B On order by Court

    C On forfeiture by a pledgee being a Gazetted officer.

    D All the above

    ANSWER - D


    42. What is the charge for a SB account transfer?

    A Rs 50

    B Rs 10

    C Rs 20

    D Rs 100

    ANSWER - D


    43. In the following statements which is not related to SCSS accounts

    A An individual above 60 years of age can open the account

    B Account can be opened as individual capacity or jointly with spouse only

    C The whole amount of deposit in a joint account shall be attributable to both account holders.

    D Minimum deposit shall be Rs. 1000 and in multiple of 1000

    ANSWER - C


    44. What is the charges for alteration of payees name in eMO?

    A Second commission equal to the first

    B Free of cost

    C Rs 1

    D Rs 10

    ANSWER - A


    45. Minimum deposit for account opening under KVP scheme is

    A 1000 and Multiples of 1000

    B 1000 and multiples of 100

    C 100 and multiples of 1000

    D 100 and multiples of 100

    ANSWER - C


    46. Business Hours a Post Office are fixed with regard to

    A Local Convenience

    B Arrival and Departure timing of mails

    C Only (a) is correct

    D Both (a) and (b) are correct

    ANSWER - D


    47. Which of the following offices will not work on Sunday & PO holidays

    A Mobile Post Office

    B Press Sorting Office

    C RMS Office

    D Night Post Office

    ANSWER - A


    48. Which of the following will not be considered as Postage Stamps

    A Postal Stamps

    B Franking Machine Impression

    C Revenue Stamps

    D Serivce stamps

    ANSWER - C


    49. What is the minimum amount to be credited for first time for RMFS

    A 2000

    B 1000

    C 100

    D 5000

    ANSWER - A


    50. What is the name for new facility of RMFS?

    A Digifrank Plus

    B DOP Digifrank

    C Digital Franking

    D Remote Franking

    ANSWER - A

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