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    DOP SAG (Senior Administrative Grade) Promotion | Promotion/Transfers/Postings in the SAG of the lndian Postal Service (IPoS), Group 'A'.

    No. 1-12/2021-SPG Government of India Ministry of Communications Department of Posts, Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi 110001 Dated: 26.08.2022 

    Subject: Promotion/Transfers/Postings in the Senior Administrative Grade (SAG) of the lndian Postal Service (IPoS), Group 'A'.

    Download Postal SAG Promotion List in PDF

    Part-I The President is pleased to order the promotion of the following Junior Administrative Grade (JAG) officers of Indian Postal Service, Group 'A' to the Senior Administrative Grade (SAG) of the service in Level-14 of the Pay Matrix (Rs. 1,44,200- 2, 18,200/-) with effect from the date of assumption of charge of the promoted post and until · further orders. Consequent upon their promotion, the officers are posted as mentioned below:

    Name of the Officer Present Posting Posting on Remarks No. (S/ Shri) Promotion 

     l. Dinesh Kumar Director, PTC, DDG (Mission Against the Sharma Vadodara, Karmyogi), Postal vacant post of (IPoS -2004) Gujarat Directorate DDG (PBI), to be temporarily used as DDG (Mission Ka rm yogi), who will report directly to the DGPS - DDG (Personnel),

    2. Jagdeep Gupta Director (Estt.), Against existing (IPoS- 2004) Postal Postal Directorate vacancy Directorate 

    3. Sunil Sharma Director (Phil.), DDG (Philately), Vice Akhilesh (JPoS -2004) - Postal Postal Directorate Pandey Directorate transferred 

     4. Ninnal Singh DPS (IIQ & GM (BD), Vice Pranav (TPoS- 2004) Mail Mktg), BD Directorate Kumar 1\mbala transferred 

    5. Ashok Kumar Y adav Dir ector (Mails PMG, Foreign Against (IPoS -2004) Operations) Post, Delhi temporarily redeployed post of PMG, Kurnool ------ DPS, (HQ & 

    6. Babu Lal Sonal PMG, Rajkot Against existing (TPoS -2004) Mail), Jaipur vacancy 

    2. The officers may opt for fixation of their pay under FR 22 (I) (a) 

    (1) within one month from the date of their promotion. 

     3. The officers may be relieved to join their new post on promotion.  


     4. Orders of the Competent Authority are hereby conveyed for transfers/postings of the following officers of Senior Administrative Grade (SAG) of the Indian Postal Service Group 'A' with immediate effect and until further orders: - ' SL Name of the Officer Present Posting Posting on Remarks No. (S/Shri) Transfer 

     1. Akhilesh Kumar DDG (Philately), PMG, Sikkim !Against existing vacancy Pandey (IPoS-1995) Postal Directorate 

     2. Pranav Kumar GM (BD), PMG, Jabalpur Against existing vacancy (IPoS-1995) BD Directorate 

     3. D. S. V. R. Murthy PMG, SK Region PMG, Against Shri Sayeed Rashid (IPoS-1998) Bengaluru Vijayawada transferred 

     4. Sayeed Rashid PMG, Vijayawada PMG, Goa Against existing vacancy. (IPoS-2003) The officer to be relieved on ooining of Shri DSVR Murthy 

     5. Charge reports may be sent in due course.

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