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    GDS To MTS Mock Test | GDS To MTS, Postman, Mail Guard Online Practice Test Series | LDCE Common Exam(MTS,PM & MG) Mock Test - 02

    Online Mock Test for GDS to MTS Exam, Multiple choice questions and answers (MCQs) for GDS to MTS (Multi-Tasking Staff), Postman & Mail Guard Common Exam. Model Papers and Quiz for GDS to MTS, Postman & Mail Guard LDCE Departmental Exam. SOP, Short Notes, PPT, PDF, Quiz,Online Test, Mock Test, Previous Questions and Answers, Solved Papers, Online Test.Useful for Postal Exams/LGO Exams/GDS to Postman/MTS/Mail Gaurd/PA/SA Exams in postal department.


    1. What is the cost of one My Stamp sheet?

    A Rs. 360/-

    B Rs. 60/-

    C Rs. 240/-

    D Rs. 300/-

    ANSWER - D


    2. A minimum quantity of ____ sheets will be mandatory for corporate customers for availing Mystamp Facility

    A 250

    B 500

    C 50

    D 100

    ANSWER - D


    3. The customer is required to collect his/her My stamp sheetlets within ___working days during office hours.

    A Five

    B Seven

    C Three

    D Ten

    ANSWER - B


    4. The customer may request for ‘My Stamp’ to be delivered by post. It may be delivered by________

    A Speed Post

    B Registered Post

    C Either Speed Post or Registered Post

    D Insured Post

    ANSWER - C


    5. What is the Discount rate for purchasing 200 sheetlets of Mystamps?

    A 10%

    B 20%

    C 10% for first 100 sheetlets & another 20% for other 100 sheetlets

    D 25%

    ANSWER - C


    6. Deen Dayal SPARSH Yojana is a Scholarship Scheme to award children in the class category of Standard _________

    A V to X

    B VI to IX

    C VI to X

    D VII to IX

    ANSWER - B


    7. Under the Deen Dayal Sparsh Yojana it is proposed to award ____ scholarships to students at Pan India level for pursuing philately as a hobby

    A 1000

    B 950

    C 930

    D 920

    ANSWER - D


    8. The scholarship amount will be disbursed ______ to regular students studying in class 6th to 9th in recognized schools

    A Monthly

    B Quarterly

    C Annually

    D Half yearly

    ANSWER - B


    9. The amount of scholarship under Deen Dayal Sparsh Yojana is Rs____ per annum at rupees ______ per month.

    A 12000 & 1000

    B 7200 & 600

    C 6000 & 500

    D 4800 & 400

    ANSWER - C


    10. In Deen Dayal SPARSH Yojana, The candidate must have good academic record at the time of selection for award of scholarship the candidate must have scored at least ___________% marks in the recent final examination

    A 35

    B 50

    C 60

    D 75

    ANSWER - C


    11. How many Aadhar Enrollment and updation centres are identified in DOP?

    A 13382

    B 13375

    C 13352

    D 13350

    ANSWER - C


    12. How many Post office Passport seva kendras are there in India?

    A 412

    B 424

    C 428

    D 432

    ANSWER - C


    13. Deen Dayal SPARSH Yojana was started from the year______

    A 2014

    B 2015

    C 2017

    D 2018

    ANSWER - C


    14. Which of the following post is a Permanent Invitee to the Postal Service Board?

    A Joint Secretary

    B Financial Advisor

    C Additional Secretary and Financial Advisor

    D Additional Secretary & Financial manager

    ANSWER - C


    15. How Many states are there in India & How Many Postal Circles are there in India?

    A 26 & 22

    B 28 & 23

    C 29 & 23

    D 29 & 22

    ANSWER - B


    16. The Base Circle is Headed By?

    A Post Master General

    B Director General

    C Additional Director General

    D Chief Postmaster General

    ANSWER - C


    17. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) facility has been introduced for POSB customers in the year

    A 2014

    B 2017

    C 2020

    D 2021

    ANSWER - D


    18. Deen dayal SPARSH Yojana was launched to increase reach of philately, then what is the full form of SPARSH?

    A Scholarship for Promoting the Aptitude & Research in Stamps as a Hobby

    B Scholarship for Promotion of Aptitude & Research in Stamps as a Habit

    C Scholarship for Promotion of Aptitude & Research in Stamps as a Hobby

    D Scholarship for Promotion of Amplification & Renovation in Stamps as a Hobby

    ANSWER - C


    19. Communications in the nature of financial statements, bills, monthly account bills or any such other items of similar nature may be posted by a service provider to customers at least once in _______ days under Bill Mail Service.

    A 45

    B 60

    C 90

    D 30

    ANSWER - C


    20. Those Articles permitted under Direct Post are permitted at Rs ______ per insertion in Bill Mail Service.

    A ₹ 0.50

    B ₹ 0.25

    C ₹ 1

    D ₹ 2.5

    ANSWER - B


    21. The minimum quantity of articles to be posted at a time in Bill Mail Service is:

    A 10000

    B 5000

    C 1000

    D 500

    ANSWER - B


    22. Customer is sending financial statements to his clients through Bill mail service, the weight per article is 200 grams then what is the rate per article?

    A Three

    B Six

    C Nine

    D Ten

    ANSWER - C


    23. One Corporate company is sending bulk bills of each bills weight is 250 grams to its customers and availing National Bill Mail Service, then what is the minimum number of bills to be submitted at a time & what is the rate per article?

    A 10000 & 11

    B 10000 & 13

    C 5000 & 9

    D 5000 & 13

    ANSWER - B


    24. Which one of the following is False in respect of Articles can be send under Direct Post?

    A Questionnaires

    B Pamphlets

    C Letters

    D Bills

    ANSWER - D


    25. Direct Post was introduced by Department of Posts in the year

    A 2003

    B 2005

    C 2008

    D 2014

    ANSWER - B


    26. A minimum quantity of _______ pieces can be accepted under the ‘Direct Post’.

    A 500

    B 1000

    C 5000

    D 10000

    ANSWER - B


    27. Articles to be accepted under Direct Post have to be such that they do not exceed the length and width of an _______ size paper

    A A1

    B Letter

    C A3

    D A4

    ANSWER - C


    28. Direct Post articles can be accepted at ________

    A All Departmental Offices

    B At Designated Offices

    C Across the counter of HOs

    D In Letter Boxes

    ANSWER - B


    29. One Customer on the occasion of festive season wants to send promotional pamphlets of each pamphlets of weight 70 Grams in bulk through Direct Post within the city limit, what is the rate per pamphlet?

    A ₹ 5.50

    B ₹ 4.50

    C ₹ 3.50

    D ₹ 3

    ANSWER - B


    30. What is the discount rate for customer who is sending more than 5000 articles through Direct Post?

    A 5%

    B 10%

    C 15%

    D 20%

    ANSWER - A


    31. The payment to the customer will be done through ________, who is availing retail post services.

    A Electronic Money Order

    B E-Payment

    C Savings Bank Account

    D None of these

    ANSWER - B


    32. What is the fee for Biometric Update with or without Demographic Update in Aadhar Service

    A ₹ 100 (Including GST)

    B ₹ 100 +GST

    C ₹ 50

    D ₹ 75

    ANSWER - A


    33. What is the amount to purchase 250 ml Gangajal through Online ePost Office Portal or e-Commerce portal?

    A 30

    B 121

    C 101

    D 111

    ANSWER - B


    34. Print to Post initiative was made by DOP tying up with which firm?

    A ECI

    B NICL

    C IRDA

    D LIC

    ANSWER - D


    35. IBC (International Business Centre) was inagurated in the year 2021 for boosting commercial exports, then where it is located?

    A Bhopal

    B Lucknow

    C Ahamadabad

    D Surat

    ANSWER - D


    36. What is the rate per single SB passbook for advertising through mediapost ?

    A 25 paise

    B 20 paise

    C 15 paise

    D 10 paise

    ANSWER - D


    37. What is the rate for e Payment Amount ₹2501 to ₹ 5000?

    A ₹ 5

    B ₹ 10

    C ₹ 15

    D ₹ 20

    ANSWER - C


    38. What is the epost rate for corporate customer?

    A Rs 6

    B Rs 4

    C Rs 10

    D Rs 8

    ANSWER - A


    39. The working hours of the post offices are generally fixed by

    A Head of the Circle

    B Director General

    C Secretary Posts

    D Head of the Region

    ANSWER - A


    40. Overseas (foreign) orders of Philately are executed at

    A Kolkata G.P.O

    B Chennai G.P.O

    C Bangalore G.P.O

    D Mumbai G.P.O

    ANSWER - D


    41. Certain important post offices are authorized by the Head of the Circle to realize the postage charges in cash from firms or other persons who post a very large number of unregistered packets subject to a minimum of _____ packets at a time in small towns.

    A 100

    B 200

    C 250

    D 500

    ANSWER - C


    42. Effacing, writing from substance bearing Government stamp, or removing from document a stamp used for it, with intent to cause loss to Government is an offence under IPC Section

    A 259

    B 261

    C 260

    D 262

    ANSWER - B


    43. Whoever makes, knowingly utters, deals in or sells any fictitious stamps, or knowingly uses for any postal purpose any fictitious stamp is an offence under which section of IPC?

    A 262

    B 263

    C 263 (A)

    D 263 (B)

    ANSWER - C


    44. Posting of Coins is explained under which clause of PO Guide Part 1?

    A 16

    B 17

    C 18

    D 19

    ANSWER - B


    45. Which of the following is a definite address for delivery

    A Chief Secretary, Shimla

    B The President of the Officer’s Mess Delhi.

    C The President of the Officers’ Mess, Mathura

    D The non-commissioned Officer Meerut

    ANSWER - C


    46. Trial Card Form No is __________

    A M 12

    B M 24

    C M 9

    D M 26(A)

    ANSWER - D


    47. Which one of the following is Due mails?

    A Registered packet bags

    B Packet Bags

    C Camp Bags

    D Special Bags

    ANSWER - A


    48. Which of the following is not a due mail list?

    A list showing in what cases mail lists are to be dispatched and received with loose bags

    B List showing account bags and B.O. bags are to be sent or received in mail bags

    C List shows for what offices, mail bags and registered bags are to be made up

    D List shows in the case of sub-office, the mail bags containing cash bags enclosed in registered bags.

    ANSWER - C


    49. In IPPB Account No, which Digit decides the Account type such as Current Account or Savings Account?

    A 4th

    B 5th

    C 6th

    D 8th

    ANSWER - B


    50. A camp bag is used to enclose the office files and other official papers, and is closed by the Secretariat or Headquarters offices of the high officers mentioned in Clause ______ of Post Office Guide, Part-I, for the High Officer-in-Camp.

    A 196

    B 200

    C 194

    D 198

    ANSWER - D

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