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    Proper and correct entry of booking data at the post office counter | Post Office Booking Data Capture

     No CF-71/13/2020-CF

    Government of India

    Ministry of Communications

    Department of Posts

    (IR & GB Division) 

    Dak Bhawan, New Delhi

    Dated — 24th August 2022

    Office Memorandum

    Sub- Regarding proper and correct entry of booking data at the post office counter.

    This is regarding return of international articles from some countries due to capturing of poor quality and incomplete data of those articles. The captured data at the time of booking for one such article ED282567802IN returned from Ireland is analysed and found that the complete address of the addressee is not entered into the system at ithe time of booking. Moreover, content description, HS code, and other details were also mentioned wrongly. CDS information of this article as captured at the time of booking is attached for reference.

    2. In this connection, kindly refer to earlier letter number 71-13/2020-CF dated 30.09.2020 and 71-37/2020 dated 13th August 2021 (Copy enclosed). As per UPU regulations, electronic exchange of correct data is mandatory for every item containing) goods. In absence of correct electronic data, the destination postal operator may return the articles.

    3. Therefore, it is once again requested to instruct the counter staff and supervisors in the post offices to capture / enter correct and complete booking data. Offices of exchanges should be instructed to also monitor the data quality and complete the data of such RTS article through CDS software & re-dispatch that article to destination country. Details of such articles & corresponding captured data should be informed to the booking Circle for acting as per OM No. 71-37/2020 dated 13th August 2021. Please also find attached a dacument for awareness & training purposes.

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