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    Upgradation of Windows OS 7/8.1 to windows version 10/11 of DOP Systems | Post Office Windows Version Update

    This is regarding upgradation of Windows OS 7/8.1 to windows version 10/11 of DOP Systems.

     Dated: 30-06-2022

    As you are aware Microsoft has declared the end of support for IE (Internet Explorer). IE is the common bowser to access Department of Post applications in Post Offices. However, backward compatibility support is extended by Microsoft till January 2023. In view of phasing out of IE by Microsoft, it is required to access the applications through the edge browser, which requires to have windows 10/11 OS in the Post offices. Any delay in this up gradation may lead to inaccessibility of the business applications beyond January 2023 apart from putting our operations at security risk.


    As per the information available with CEPT, the circle wise list of systems which are required to be upgraded is made available for download in the URL https://cept.gov.in/techreports/OSUpgradeReport.aspx. There may be many other systems, not added in India post Active Directory. Those systems won't be reflecting in this list. Circles are requested to find out those systems which are not added to AD and get it upgraded if required. Further the list of system’s which are not associated with any of the circle is shown in the same URL as Circle Name Not Unknown. Circles are requested to identify the system of their circle in this list and get it upgraded if required


    It is further requested to cause to issue suitable directions to all concerned to identify all such systems which are functioning with lower versions of windows OS and upgrade the same to latest windows version, so that there would not be any disruption in accessibility of the applications in Post offices beyond January 2023. For any further assistance please address to itsecurity.cept @indiapost.gov.in

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