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    Arohan 4.0 - DOP IPPB Two Days Meet at Shimla on 26th 27th May 2022 | DoP & IPPB Synergy Meet

    IPPB DOP AROHAN 4.0.  26-27th MAY, SHIMLA.


     Download DOP IPPB Arohan 4.0 in PDF



    Department of Posts (DoP) has been the backbone of the country’s communication for over  160 years with a network of 1,60,000 Post Offices, approximately 90% of which are in rural  areas. DoP has been providing access to financial services through Post Office Savings Bank  for over 130 years and to a range of savings schemes and social security schemes along with  direct benefit transfers, therefore playing a crucial role in the country’s socio-economic development


    With an aim to catalyse access to formal financial services through its extensive postal network to push the mandate of Financial Inclusion to every household, DoP began the process to setup a universal bank in 2013. Setting up of India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) under differentiated bank category in 2017 was its first step in this direction.


    One of the key element identified for the success of the IPPB was to build a platform where the leadership team of both the entities can come together and brainstorm towards strategic initiatives that they have to take together to achieve their shared goals. Thus, AAROHAN was started in 2017 with its first meet conducted in December 2017 in the august presence of the then Hon’ble MoSC. Since then AAROHAN has been conducted every year with only exception being year 2021 due to COVID pandemic. Every edition of AAROHAN has been a successful event where all Head of Circles from DoP and leadership team of IPPB had participated to chalk newer path to progress and exploring newer opportunity with renewed commitment towards better collaboration and execution for on-ground success.


    Aarohan 4.0: 4th Edition of  DoP &  IPPB Synergy Meet  (please see Annexure  1 for

    program schedule):


    AAROHAN    4.0     was another such meet in this series that was conceived with an idea to carry on with      the      strengths showcased in the past but this time the setting was chosen to be away from

    the  humdrum of   urban chaos  of    New   Delhi. AAROHAN    4.0     was conducted during 26th & 27th May 2022 in Shimla with  abundant  serenity and  an   opportunity  to




    2 break away from the mundane for the participants. The theme of AAROHAN 4.0 was a quartet with  4  pillars  of  SHARED   VISION,  MUTUAL  INTERDEPENDENCE,  COLLABORATIVE ALLIANCE AND TRUST & COMMUNICATION.


    The 2-day meet of senior functionaries of  Postal Department and India Post Payments  Bank (IPPB) started  with an  agenda to  discuss and  deliberate ways  to further  deepen Financial Inclusion drive in the country and to provide banking solutions to every citizen of India. DoP & IPPB reinforced their commitment to work on the vision of Prime Minister’ Digital India initiative to promote the digital payments and bring digital banking services to every nook and corner of the country in a customer friendly manner. 


    The meeting  was  inaugurated by  Shri.  Alok Sharma,  Director  General Postal  Services  in august presence  of Shri  Sanjay  Sharan, Member  (Technology), Ms.  Vandita Kaul,  CPMG (Himachal Pradesh), Shri J Venkatramu, MD & CEO (IPPB), Ms. Seema Singh, CHRO (IPPB) by lighting the  lamp. Chief PMsG  of 23 Postal  Circles and  other senior functionaries  of the Department and IPPB were present on  the occasion. Discussions were held  today to further strengthen the synergy between the Post Office and IPPB operations.   


    Day 1 interactions:


    Among the key  points during the  Day-1 of the  meeting, the idea  of offering IPPB  and DoP services as One Nation  One Service Platform for  the next billion customers  was one of  the prominent one. 


    A need was felt  for better coordination between  the two organizations  in terms of providing financial services like  Fasal Bima Yojana,  General Insurance, Aadhaar  based services  like seeding of account for receiving DBT, mobile updation in Aadhaar and Aadhaar enrolment for children less than 5  years of age using  the technological expertise  of IPPB with the  trusted support and reach of DoP.  The launch of Fincluvation as  a joint initiative to collaborate  with fintechs to solve some of  the most complex challenges  in the domain of  Financial Inclusion was also discussed.


    Keynote  Address


    The Director General (Posts) delivered the keynote address highlighting how IPPB came into existence & began its Journey Beyond  Barriers on September 1,  2018 with a vision to build the most accessible, affordable and trusted bank for the common man in India, in order to fulfil the vision of our Hon’ble Prime  Minister Shri Narendra Modi of  providing banking to the  last mile, to promote  financial inclusion,  and create  Economic transformation  at the grassroots through  a  technologically  enabled  bank  on  the  foundations  of  a  legacy  institution,  the

    Department of Posts (DoP). Key highlights of the session were,


             He stressed on the role IPPB is playing in digitization of Post offices which will facilitate customers  in  all corner  of  the  country to  access  Banking  at their  door  steps. He christened  our humble Dakiyas  as a Chalta  Phirta   Bank  who is serving  customers

               with only a mobile phone along with a bio-metric authentication device. 


             He shared his vision on  how in the long run,  once customer start using IPPB  Mobile

               Banking,  it will reduce  the rush from  Post Offices counters  & will enhance  the DOP

               employee productivity. 


             He shared his belief that with IPPB, Department of Posts will also earn good revenue

               in coming times as increase in IPPB acceptance in market will increase the revenue &

               market  valuation too will  increase multi fold.  Being Promotor  with 100% equity,  any

               increase  in valuation of  the Bank  will directly add  the department  revenue. He also

               shared  how IPPB is also providing  opportunity to Department employees to  serve in

               Bank  on  deputation which  is helping  them  to enhance  their  skill sets  &  also offer

               parallel opportunity to grow faster.


             He shared his ideas about the new avenues to the Postman and GDS as given below,

                   Postmen  and  Gramin  Dak  Sevaks  (GDS)   are  the  trusted  representatives  of

                     Department  of Posts among the  society. With the  integration of  IPPB and DOP,

                     more than 2           Lac Postmen and GDS have been equipped with smartphones

                     and biometric devices to provide Doorstep Banking Services. 


                   The Postmen today have attained the social  stature of banking representatives of

                     IPPB who is financially literate  to carry out cash in cash out transactions and also

                     offer  a complete  suite of  banking services in  the remotest  parts of  the country,

                     giving a fresh impetus to financial inclusion.


                   In order  to train these Postmen  and GDS, DoP and  IPPB collaborated to  initiate

                     one  of the largest  ever Financial Literacy  programme by  investing over 1  Crore

                     man  hours  in  training  and  certifying  Postmen  and  Grameen  Dak  Sevaks  as

                     Banking  Service  providers.  This  has  also  improved  the  skill  sets   of  GDS  &

                     Postmen. They are now being treated as financial advisor in the Market and gaining

                     reputation among their service areas.


                   Today,  Postman is  not just  who  delivers post  but the  go-to-person for  availing

                     banking services especially in rural areas where the  bank branches are difficult to



                   In addition to the improved Social status, IPPB is also providing the GDS/Postmen

                     to improve their income by doing IPPB transactions, acquiring accounts etc.


                   The  incentives earn is  over and  above their salary  by achieving  the designated

                     targets.  We   are  also  recognizing   the  efforts  of   DoP  counterparts  and   has

                     implemented success model while rewarding people for their efforts


                   In  order to  motivate the  GDS and  Postman, IPPB  has carved  out an  attractive

                     incentive structure.


                   Periodic  campaigns  and  login days  have  motivated  and  mentored  DoP circle

                     counterparts  to  contribute  to the  IPPB  business  and  revenues and  thus  earn







                   IPPB can further help in 

                          Increasing the DOP financial Product sales

                          Activate sleeping accounts


             He envisioned the Road Ahead as,


                   The  Finance minister  announced  in  her Budget  2022  speech that  all  1.5 lakh

                     branches  of Post Office  will be linked  to the core  banking system  by the end  of

                     2022.  The   step  will  further  strengthen  the   post  office  infrastructure  thereby

                     empowering   them   to  offer   digital   banking   experience  and   supporting   the

                     government’s plan to enhance the digital ecosystem in the country.


                   IPPB and DoP supports the Government’s plan to digitize all the post offices across

                     the country and is committed to work with Department of Posts to provide full digital

                     banking experience to its customers. 


                   IPPB is committed to provide a  fillip to a less cash economy and contribute to the

                     vision  of Digital  India. IPPB’s  motto stands true  - Every  Customer is  Important,

                     Every Transaction is Significant and Every Deposit is Valuable.


    Business  Presentation

    Day 1 also had presentations from Sales & Marketing  team providing overview of last year’s business progress,  key  achievements, marketing  initiatives,  and strategy  to  meet  current year’s revenue targets.

      It     was     followed      by presentation    from     HR  team providing  details on Human              Resource Functions,   Concordance of     DoP      and      IPPB Hierarchy,  Role  of  IPPB Team,  Training  Process, End  user  Training   data, Deputation/  Engagement from Dept. of  Post with  a Manpower   Overview   to provide overall picture  on the HR front.


    This was followed by  presentation by Product  team showcasing the set  of current products offering to IPPB  customers/ merchants,  customer of other  banks, Post  Office customers & other Govt. to Customer services. It also provided glimpse to the suite  of upcoming products that are currently at  various development stages.  It talked about  Life Insurance (Pension & Annuity products),  General  Insurance  (Health),  International Remittances  (inward)  at  the doorstep, Pre-priced Accounts, Cash Management Services to entities that can be on-boarded



    as new billers, Card-less Cash Withdrawal facility etc. for retail customers. Similarly, for small merchants the upcoming products  suits included Instant  Small Merchant On  boarding (with instant  QR  issuance),  UPI   payments  in   Merchant  app,  Aadhaar   based  Payments  @ Merchants (Aadhaar Biometric), Large Merchant Solution (DoP QR) etc. 


    For Post  Office  customers, E-KYC  services  for Digital  POSB  and other  scheme  account opening, Aadhaar enabled biometric payment to POSB customer, UPI enablement, BHIM UPI for POSB Accounts  - Fully  functional net  banking and mobile  banking applications  with all features including  paperless customer  on  boarding facility  was discussed.  Towards Open banking, IPPB suggested that it is looking forward to Open API based access to IPPB services to neo-banking platforms. It also suggested enhanced security control in IPPB Mobile Banking app &  UPI PIN  Set/Reset through  Aadhaar +  OTP under  enhancement projects  taken up internally. Day 1  session concluded  with open  house and  feedback session  conducted by Member (Technology). 

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