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e-MO Paid Vouchers-Preservation Period

e-MO Paid Vouchers-preservation period- reg


Directorate in its Lr. No:F.No:3-1/2008-PA(Tech-II) D-93 dated 10.06.2014 circulated that the procedure applicable to ordinary Money Orders apply to eMO also,


As per Para 3.7 of Postal Accounts Manual Vol.II currency of Money Order is two months i.e., the month of issue and the following month, after which MO Become void (vide rule 300 of Volume VI)


The preservation period of paid MO vouchers for ordinary Money Orders ( which is also applicable to eMO) is 12 months from the end of currency.


In view of the above the rule Position, all Post Offices may be directed Preserve the paid vouchers and thereafter action to dispose be taken.


Further, this office is initiating action to check 5% of the eMOs paid in the Circle from the data base,

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