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GDS Standardized Training Packages (STP) | GDS Induction Day wise Training Schedule for 15 Days | GDS Module wise Training Guide

Standardized Training (STP) Program Schedule for Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS BPM/ GDS ABPM / DakSevak). DOP (Department of Post) brought out online learning portal GDS Dak Karmayogi for newly engaged GDS Induction training.

Download Day wise Training Schedule for GDS in PDF

Topic wise, Module wise, Subject wise GDS Training guide.

STP( Standardized Training Program) for GDS Induction Training Day wise modules are as follows:

Day 1:

Module 1. Introduction and Overview

1. Introduction of trainees

2. Ice Breaking

3. Overview of the Department

- Network, Staff strength, History of IndiaPost

- Vision & Missions of the Department

- Organisational Structure

- Brief of IPO Rules and IPO Act.

4. Break

5. RICT Device Management 


-Registration of BPM Devices

-Technical knowledge of devices

Day 2: 

Module 2. Postal Services

Introduction to Postal Products & Services

- Mail Services

- Banking Services IPOSB & IPPB)

- Insurance Services

- Retail Services

- Philately

Day 3:

Module 3. Mails Services

IndiaPost Mail Services

A. Booking of articles:

i. Booking of all types of articles,

rules and procedure in DARPAN Device with special focus on:- . Booking Module Overview

RICT Device Login Process

Day Begin

Book Inland Speed Post

lJpdate Redirected Status

Book Registered Letter

Book e Money 0rder

Book Registered Parcel


Biller Payment

Product Sale

Search and Cancel Transaction

Booking Reports

Despatch of accountable articles in DARPAN Device with special focus on:-

Bagging operation Overview

Close & Dispatch Bag at BO

Receive & Open Bag at AO

Close & Dispatch Bag at AO

Receive & Open Bag at BO

Add Document

Hands on practice

Day 4:

A. Delivery of articles:

i. Important rules regarding Mails handling

ii. Delivery through DARPAN and PMA devices.

Day 5:

Module 4: Financial Services

IndiaPost Financial Services:

A. POSB Schemes at a glance

Day 6:

B. Role of GDS in providing various

P0SB services

- Form filling

- Account opening process

- Entry in journal

- Various POSB operations like

silent account revival, issue of duplicate passbooks etc...

Day 7:

C. Role of GDS in providing various

POSB services in DARPAN device

- Opening ofaccount

- Deposit

- Withdrawal (including hiegh value withdrawal)

- Generating mini statements

- Various reports

CBS Operations to be covered:-

. FG_New_Ac_Opening_1.0 . 

FG_Other_Services_1.0 . 

FG_Transaction_1.0 . 

RICT_JA_Adhar_Feeding_1.1 . 

RICT_lA_Cash_Deposit_RD_1.1 . 

RICT_JA_Cash_Deposit_SB_1.1 . 

RICT_JA_Cash_Withdrawal_SB_L1.1 . 

RICT_lA_Daily_Transaction_Report_1..1. . 

RICT_JA_High_Value_Withdrawal)..L . 

RICT_IA_Mini_Statement_1.1 . 

RICT_JA_NewAc_lnquire_1.1 . 

RICT_JA_Open_NewAc_RD_1.1 . 

RICT_lA_Open_NewAc_TD_1.1 . 

RICT IA Open NewAc SB 1.1


Module 5 : India Post Payment Bank:

Introduction India Post Payments Bank

A. Overview IPPB

B. Various services of IPPB

C. Account opening process in IPPB


D. Various services of IPPB like Deposit/withdrawal,'Converting

Digital account into regular saving

account, change of nominations,

linkage of IPPB to POSA, AePS

transactions, DLC transactions,

Child Aaddhaar enrolment, various

general insurance services.

Day 10:

Module 6: Insurance

Introduction to PLI/RPLI :

A, Various plans of PLI/RPLI schemes at a glance

B. Various after sales services related to PLI/RPLI like survival benefit, maturity claims, death claims etc.

Day 11:

PLI/RPLI transactions in DARPAN device

viz. New Policy indexing, Renewal premium, Service request indexing, generating quotes etc..with special focus on:-


Initial premium

Partial cash and cheque

Renewal premium

Duplicate receipt

Receipt cancellation

New business quote

Quote for surrender value

Quote for loan value

Quote for revival/reinstatement

New business indexing

Service request indexing







Reduced paid up

Survival claim


View policy details

Status of claim request


Day 12:

Module 7 : Collaborations & Tie Ups:

CSC [Common Service Centre)

Social Security Schemes :



3. APY

Day 13:

Module B : Soft Skills :

Marketing & Sales fCustomer

Graduation System)

Communication Skills

Day 14:

Module 9 : General Troubleshooting

DARPAN device . IPPB Device

AePS Troubleshooting . Any other

Day 15:

Module 10: Evaluation

Assignment/Case Studies /Quiz / Test

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