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GDS Induction Training | GDS (Gramin Dak Sevak) Dak Karmayogi Training Guidelines | GDS Training DO Letter

This is regarding meaningful training of newly engaged Gramin Dak Sevaks(GDS) to enable them in providing last mile delivery of services to customers across the country.

Download GDS Induction Training User guide in PDF

2. As directed by Director General Postal Services vide DO letter No. 01- 64/2009-Trg. dated 22-06-2022 (copy enclosed along with Annexure-I and II containing schedule of 15 days training for Gramin Dak Sevaks) the Induction Training for Gramin Dak Sevak is to be conducted in Blended Learning mode. The online training contents christened as Gramin Dak Karmayogi are made available on “DAK KARMAYOGI” portal ( for utilization during Induction Training sessions of Gramin Dak Sevaks. The training contents for Online Training are made available in 12 languages for the benefits of newly engaged Gramin Dak Sevaks.

3. The registration / Sign Up of all newly engaged Gramin Dak Sevaks is mandatory for accessing online training contents on “DAK KARMAYOGI” portal which is based on Employee ID and DOB of concerned GDS. A User Registration Sign UP and Sign In guide was shared earlier vide DG(PS) DO letter No. 13/9/2022-Trg. dated 02 June, 2022. (Copy enclosed for ready reference) and with support of Circles more than 135000 officials have completed the Sign Up and this process is still on.

Since, the dak-Karmayogi portal is developed and maintained by PTC Vadodara through inhouse resources, it is requested that, as soon as newly engaged GDSs join the post, their details in format given hereunder may kindly be supplied (through email) to this Centre for uploading in Database.

Sr.No. |EmployeeID | Full name of GDS Date of Birth

(in DD/MM/YYYY format) 

4. Training sessions will be taken by trainers posted at respective WTCs/ DCTCs. The online training should be based on the contents made available on Dak Karmayogi portal, in case of any connectivity or other issue the training contents, SOPs etc. are being shared herewith in a pen-drive, which contains following:

i. Gramin Dak Karmayogi Folder containing 28 videos & explorer containing reference material for discussion & remedial training (must be used in allotted serial)

ii. Test Folder containing 5 quizzes, 5 assignments & final Test for GDK

iii. Trainee and Trainer Guide

iv. Course Guide

In case of any kind of assistance required, following officials of PTC vadodara may be contacted for clarification or through below mentioned email ID.

1. Manoj Kumar Dhaka, Sr. Instructor, PTC Vadodara, 9328914689

2. Mit G. Pandya, Instructor, PTC Vadodara, 9725245349


It is requested that all the training contents, SOPs etc. made available in pen-drive may kindly be shared by Circles with all concerned WTCs at the earliest. Sufficient number of copies/ pen drive may be made at Circle level depending upon number of WCTCs/ DCTCs.

5. In connection with remaining topics, locally available training contents may kindly be utilized. However, efforts are being made to develop uniform training contents for offline part of GDS Induction training and will be shared in due course.

6. It is advisable that while accessing online Training video contents, the video content may be played only in one identified computer attached with projector at PTC/WCTCs/ DCTCs to utilize the bandwidth and other resources optimally.

7. For successful completion of the training the trainee GDS will have to secure a minimum of 50 % marks in the evaluation process (Annexure-II of DG(PS) DO letter dated 22-06-2022). It should be ensured that the quizzes, assignments provided in Online Portal are also completed along with topics covered as per schedule. Practical Activities may also be planned and evaluated by WTCs trainers at the end of every module. The Final Test of Online Portal and Offline Mode should only be attempted by trainee GDS on final day of training. A certificate for successful completion of training be issued by respective Divisional Heads on the basis of online certificate generated on the dakkarmayogi portal.

ALOK SHARMA, Director General Postal Services

D.O. No. 01-64/2009-Trg. Dated 22-06-2022

Engagement process of engaging more than 38,000 new GDSs in the Department is going to be completed shortly. Accordingly, we need to work upon a strategy to ensure that such newly engaged GDSs are meaningfully trained at the earliest so that they are successful in providing last mile delivery of services to customers across the country.

2. Training needs of GDS have been reviewed in the light of technological advancements, introduction of new services etc and accordingly a schedule of 15 days training has been devised (Annex-I). Gramin Dak Karamayogi’s course available on “DAK KARMAYOGI” portal (www. be utilized during the training sessions. Additional training modules being prepared by identified PTCs will be made available to Circles by Training Division shortly.

3. Training sessions will be taken by trainers posted at WCTC. However, assistance from Divisional System Manager, Sub Divisional Heads and any other official, as deemed fit, be taken, in imparting necessary training to GDS. Respective Divisional Heads shall be responsible for on time successful completion of the training process of newly engaged GDS.

4. The trainee GDS will have to secure a minimum of 50 % marks in the evaluation process (Annex-II) after the training to successful completion of the training. A certificate for successful completion of training be issued by respective Divisional Heads.

5. The training of newly engaged GDS be conducted in time and completed during July-Aug 2022. A report on number of vacancies, number of GDS joined and completion of training thereof be sent by 10th Sept 2022. The information should contain Division wise, category of GDS wise information along with dates on which the training sessions were conducted.

6. Looking forward for cooperation in this regard.

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