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Gramin Dak Karmayogi (GDK) Training Guide | Step by Step Guide for conducting GDS Training | GDS Karmayogi Sign in Sign Up Process

Gramin Dak Karmayogi (GDK). Capacity Building of Gramin Dak Sevak (GDS) under Mission Karmayogi for their transformation into Gramin Dak Karmayogi.

Course Guide for Gramin Dak Sevak (GDS) Training.

Download GDS step by Step Training Guide in PDF 

The Gramin Dak Sevak Training is to be imparted in 15 days in blended learning mode (i.e. blend of Online and Onsite). This training programme aims to enable Gramin Dak Sevaks in providing last mile delivery of services to customers across the country.

The Step by Step Guide for conducting GDS Training is as under: -

(1) Step-1: Please ensure that Employee ID, Full name of GDS and DOB of all Trainee GDS has been created and shared with PTC Vadodara through email (

(2) Step-2: Once it is uploaded on DAK KARAMYOGI portal, the trainee GDS can sign up and sign in by following steps given in User Registration Sign UP and Sign ln guide was shared earlier vide DG(PS) DO letter No. 13/9/2022-Trg. dated 02 June, 2022

(3) Step-3: For smoothly conducting training sessions, Trainees and Trainers should refer guide provided in the relevant folder.

(4) Step-4: The day-to-day activities should be planned as per schedule shared as Annexure-I of Director General Postal Services DO letter No. 01-64/2009-Trg. dated 22-06-2022.

(5) Step-5: The online training contents should also be divided in such a manner that every day some online contents can be referred by trainee. (e.g. every day 2-3 video contents only may be referred)

(6) Step-6: It is advisable that while accessing online Training video contents, the video content may be played only in one identified computer attached with projector to utilize the bandwidth and other resources optimally.

(7) Step-7: In case of any exigencies viz. in case of any connectivity or other issue the training contents. Please use content from pen drive provided by PTC Vadodara

(8) Step-8: Open folders in sequence and attempt quizzes wherever it is prescribed in index file. The trainer may utilize reference material provided in Explore Folder for discussion and enrichment purpose.

(9) Step-9: For successful completion of the training the trainee GDS will have to secure a minimum of 50 % marks in the evaluation process (Annexure-II of DG(PS) DO letter dated 22-06-2022). It should be ensured that the quizzes, assignments provided in Online Portal are also completed along with topics covered as per schedule. Practical Activities may also be planned and evaluated by WTCs trainers at the end of every module. The Final Test of Online Portal and Offline Mode should only be attempted by trainee GDS on final day of training. A certificate for successful completion of training be issued by respective Divisional Heads.

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