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    Revised BO Inspection Questionnaire | Revision of Standard Inspection Questionnaire for Branch Post Office (BO) | Dated 26.04.2022

     File No. 16-05/Investigationinputs/2022-Inspn.

    Government of India

    Ministry of Communications

    Department of Posts

    (Inspection Division)

    Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,

    New Delhi-11001,

    Dated: 26.04.2022

    Sub: Revision of Standard Inspection Questionnaire for Branch Post Office.

    The Standard Inspection Questionnaire of Branch Post Office

    circulated vide 

    Directorate's letter No. 16-03/2019-Inspn. dated 09.08.2019

    Directorate's Letter no, 16-02/2017-Inspn dated 24.09.2020

    Directorate's Letter no. 16-03/2019-Inspn. dated 15.04.2021 

    and Directorate's Letter no. 16-03/2019-Inspn. dated 07.02.2022

    is ordered to be revised by including the below supplementary question under Question no. 36 as under:-

    Question no. 36 (a). During inspection, the inspecting officer should  verify at least five RD loan accounts standing opened at particular CBS Post Office since last inspection. In case number of RD Loan account opened is less than 5, all RD Loan account should be verified.

    Note:- The details of RD Loan account may be viewed in Finacle MIS server in report name ‘RD Report for Loan Accounts having RD Deposit’, if not able to collect loan passbook, issue SB-46 for verification of loan amount. The details of RD Loan (i.e. date of loan disbursement and amount) may be written on SB-46.

    2. Circles are requested to circulate the supplementary Question No. 36 (a) to its subordinate units for using the same while inspecting Branch Post Offices. It is also requested that Circles may forward suggestions/ recommendation to further improve the Questionnaire.

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