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    New Budget Rollout in DOP | Instructions on New Budget Roll out in Post Office w.e.f 01.04.2022

     INSTRUCTIONS ON NEW BUDGET ROLL OUT in Post Office W.E.F. 01.04.2022.

    As per new Budget roll out procedure all funds are allotted to Division Office for following GL

    3020590200 - Wages

    3020631300 – Office Expenses

    3020705000 -  Other Charges

    3020641400 -  Rent, Rates & Taxes (Office Rent)

    3020682700 – Minor Works (PC Repair etc)

    3020600300 – Over Time Allowance

    3023841300 – EMD (OE Others/Mail conveyance charges)

    While doing voucher posting through F-02 for above GLs at Sub Offices Level, Sub offices should use Cost Centre of their own office & “Fund Centre” of Division Office only i.e. 2442600000. Screen shots are attached h/w for information to all.

    Voucher posting for wages to be paid at any Sub Office, kindly follow procedure as below:

    Use T-code F-02 – Posting date (Must be Today’s date only) Posting Date (Actual payment effect date) – Document type – SK (Cash Document), Currency – INR, Company Code – DOPI, GL Description – Wages paid to ……… (Name in short). 40 – 3020590200 (use GL as per transaction type) – press Enter, then enter amount, Use Tax code – V0, Click on more & enter the Cost Centre of your Own Office, & then enter Funds Centre as 2442600000 

    After clicking on ok button, the screen will appear as follows:

    Now 50 – 4867100010 (DOP Cash) – Enter, then enter amount, Use Tax code – V0, Click on more & enter the Profit Centre of your Own Office. 

    Now Click on Document Tab on upper side & simulate the entry as follows:

    Now click on icon to save the entry. 

    Important points

    Do not use any other tool for voucher posting.

    Must use Division Office Funds centre (2442600000) for above mentioned GL for proper Budget accounting.

    Always use Cost centre for Debit entry & Profit centre for credit entry of your own Office.

    Always enter proper description in text column (Narration of entry)

    Daily Account & DOP Cash & physical Cash must be tallied every day.

    POS Cash must be zero every day.


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